Titi as Lucy in Happy Times.
Gender Female
Age 20
Hometown Los Angeles, California
Professional Information
Major Acting
  Happy Times
Friends and Family
Love interests
Riley (in TV show, Happy Times.)
Pets CocaLyle
Other Information
First Appearance
  Happy Times & Happy Dads
Portrayed by
Paulina Olszynski
Titi is a fanon character in Austin & Ally. She is an actress in the show Happy Times.


Titi is a very peppy girl. No one knows if it is just because she plays her character on and off set or if she really is peppy. She plays Lucy on the show Happy Times. Lucy is a very peppy teenager. Often, after she gets off set, she still acts in the mood of Lucy. Riley, her co-star, says that it's because Titi is a very dramatic actress and uses a lot of unexplainable methods and strategies. But, when someone gets her mad, she shows her bad side. That is how Trish got on her bad side. Titi has a bichon frise puppy named, CocaLyle, in who, whenever she gets off set, she runs to. When Titi is not acting she is always seen with CocaLyle.

Character HistoryEdit

Happy Times & Happy DadsEdit

Titi plays Lucy in Ally's dad's favorite show, Happy Times. She is part of the new Happy Times cast. Lester (Ally's dad) has a problem with her, as he thinks she can't fit the Happy Times shoe. Ally, Lester, Austin, Trish, and Dez meet Titi when they go to the set for Lester to guest star on. They meet Titi along with her co-star, Riley. Titi and Riley both stay in character and act as if they love each other (because they do in the show). Ally, Lester, Austin, Trish, and Dez think Hollywood people are weird because of this. When CocaLyle starts chewing on Trish's shoe, she kicks him off and Titi gets furious, kicking Trish off the set.


  • Titi is an actress
  • Titi loves "cute things"
  • Titi thinks everything yellow brightens up the world


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