“Teen Clubs & Toxic Rats”
Season 1, Episode 2
Dianna Agron
Air Date

December 11, 2011

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Teen Clubs & Toxic Rats is the second fanon episode in Austin & Ally. In this episode, the gang must put together a teen club to raise money.


When Austin breaks some of the instruments at Sonic Boom while playing football there with Dez, he must replace them before Ally's parent's find out. Since Ally's parents are away on a trip, Austin, Ally, Trish, and Dez have more time to replace the instruments, so they host a teen club at Sonic Boom with music and live performances by Austin, to get the $1000 Austin needs to replace the instruments. But when Dez's new, diseased rat let's loose at Sonic Boom and Ally's parents are on their way back to Sonic Boom early from their trip, Austin, Ally, Trish, and Dez must quickly get the $1000, get all the teens out of Sonic Boom, hide the broken instruments, get Sonic Boom back to how it was before, and find Dez's contagious rat!


Episode DetailsEdit

Scene 1Edit

"Go long!" Austin shouts as the scene opens up. Dez backs up to catch the football that Austin is gonna throw. Austin throws the ball and Dez catches it. As Ally and Trish walk in Dez throws the football back at Austin. Ally screams, "No, what are you doing! Stop it!" Austin gives Ally a look, "Relax!", he says. He throws the football towards Dez, but the throw turns out to be a really bad throw. The ball hits the top shelf of a display of instruments, knocking down all of the guitars which fall on a sousaphone which falls on a display of trumpets which falls on a bunch of other instruments making it's way to the violins. Ally screams, "NOOOO!!!!" Ally starts freaking out and yelling at Austin. Austin says it's no biggee because her parents are out of time and they have plenty of time to replace them. Trish tells Austin and Dez that all of those instruments cost 50 to 500 dollars a piece. Then they all start freaking out.

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Scene 2Edit

The gang is in Ally's practice room brainstorming ways to replace the instruments without Ally's parents knowing. Dez thinks of a way that they can go to another music store, rob them of their instruments and then leave without anyone knowing. Trish slaps him on the head and tells him to shut up. Ally thinks that maybe they could use Austin to help raise some money.