“Stories & Switching”
Season 2, Episode 5
Air Date

June 24, 2012

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Ally finally decides to come clean and reveal why she has stage fright. But when she tells Austin, Trish and Dez her story, Ally realizes that it was Austin's fault she has stage fright and becomes furious with Austin and quits being his song writer. Meanwhile, Trish takes Austin's side while Dez takes Ally's side and switch their best friends.


Episode DetailsEdit

Scene 1Edit

In the practice room, Ally gives Austin the new song that she wrote and wants Austin to perform it in the store the next day, but Austin wants Ally to perform it in an attempt to help her overcome her stage fright. But Ally refuses and tells Austin that he has to stop trying to make her perform. Austin insists that Ally tell him why she's so afraid and what caused her stage fright. Ally becomes mad and annoyed with Austin's persistence and storms out of the room.

Scene 2Edit

The next day, Trish walks into Sonic Boom and tells everyone about her new job at "Create-A-Cub" and Dez asks her why she has that job when she hates working with kids. Trish ignores him and walks over to Austin and asks him if he practiced Ally's song because she booked him a gig. Austin ignores the question and asks her if she knows why Ally has stage fright. Trish reveals that even she doesn't know why and becomes curious. When Ally walks into the store, Trish asks her why she has stage fright. Ally asks Trish where she's working now in an attempt to avoid the question but fails and finally decides to tell everyone why she has stage fright. She tells them that she was in a school play in second grade and her role was a singing and dancing flower. She was supposed to dance with and sing a duet with a boy who plays a worm. However, the boy never practiced the dance routine because he was lazy and while singing together, the boy spins Ally too hard and she ends up spinning into the stage curtain and completely ripping it off. Everyone in the audience starts laughing at her and ever since, she's been afraid of performing because she believes she will embarrass herself again. When Ally finishes her story Austin starts acting weird and makes an excuse to leave the store and runs up to the practice room.

Scene 3Edit

Dez follows Austin and asks him what's wrong. Austin then reveals to Dez that he was the little boy in the play with Ally and that it was his fault she was laughed at. Ally over hears this and storms into room, slamming the door into Dez in the process, and starts yelling at Austin. She says that it's all his fault that she has stage fright and that she can't sing her songs in front of others. Austin says that he tried to help her with her fear many times but she just refused his help. He also says that it's not his fault that Ally can't dance and this completely sets Ally off. Ally says that she can sing her songs herself and quits being Austin's song writer, leaves the room and slams the door. She then quickly runs back in and says that she can dance and runs out again.

Scene 4Edit

Meanwhile, in "Create-A-Cub", Trish is doing a terrible job: she continuously yells at the kids and she can't work the stuffing machine which leads to stuffing flying all over the store. When the manager asks who's responsible for the mess, Trish blames another employee and takes her lunch break. She walks into Sonic Boom and asks Ally if she wrote a new song for Austin yet. Ally then tells Trish that she quit being his song writer because it was his fault that she has stage fright. Trish then says that it wasn't entirely his fault because if Ally danced better, it wouldn't have happened. Ally becomes mad at Trish for taking Austin's side and asks Dez who's right. Dez says that Ally is right because Austin spun her too hard and Trish calls Dez an idiot and goes up to the practice room.

Scene 5Edit

Trish walks into the practice room and tells Austin that she takes his side. Austin is happy that someone thinks that he was right and also because he wrote a song to perform the next day. He sings the song for Trish but it's terrible and she tells him that he needs Ally back. He admits that it might have been his fault and wants to apologize but has no idea how because Ally seemed really mad. Trish then has comes up with an idea and runs out.

Scene 6Edit

Ally is ranting to Dez about her being right and Dez falls asleep "listening". Austin then walks into the store with a shopping cart filled with teddy bears that are wearing T-shirts that says "I'm Beary Sorry". Austin admits that it was his fault for not practicing the dance and embarrassing Ally and apologizes to her. Ally doesn't accept the apology because she is still very mad about the fact that she can't sing her own songs. Austin then says the following: "Ally I really am sorry, I'm not just saying that I mean that. I need you not just because you're my song writer, but because you're also my friend. Please Ally. Plus, look at all the bears I got you!!" Ally is touched, accepts his apology and hugs him. Ally then realizes how many bears there are and asks Austin how he got so many. Trish then walks in and tells her that she "borrowed" the bears from work and becomes Ally's best friend again. Austin asks Ally if she has a new song yet and she becomes annoyed that he would ask for a new song when she just gave him one the day before and grabs a bear and starts to hit Austin with it.

Scene 7Edit

At night, Trish pushes the shopping cart with bears back into "Create-A-Cub" but gets caught by the manager. The manager asks her what she's doing and she tries to come up with an explanation. Before she can come up with anything, she gets fired and is told that she's required to clean up all the stuffing that flew out of the machine. Trish then says that it's not her job anymore, turns on the stuffing machine and walks out. Ally said godbye to Austin and Dez.


- Create-A-Cub is a parody of Build-A-Bear

- Bailee Madison guest stars as young Ally