“Shawns & Sorrys”
Season 2, Episode 4
Air Date

May 27, 2012

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Austin has been constantly rejecting all of Ally's songs. Ally is beginning to get sick of it and Austin and Ally get in a huge arguement. Ally quits being Austin's songwriter and tells him he'll have to find another one. Austin tells her he is absolutely fine with that and goes out to try to find another songwriter while she tries to find another musician to write a song for. When Ally finds a guy named Shawn, with a very good voice, playing songs in the mall, but very bad songs, she asks him if he needs a songwriter. The two soon make a deal and Ally becomes Shawn's new songwriter. Soon, Shawn plays one of Ally's songs she wrote for him at the mall, someone records it, and the video goes viral. Shawn becomes the next big thing and he gives Ally credit for writing his song. While Ally and Shawn are out having fun, Austin is struggling to find a songwriter and he is extremely jealous of Shawn. Soon, Austin realizes that to get his #1 songwriter back, he'll have to admit he was wrong, and apologize to Ally. Meanwhile, when Trish's crush, Kailey, gets a job at Cupcake City, her former job, Trish tries to get her boss to give her the job back so she can get close to him. Also, Dez can't find anyone to hang out with since all of his friends are busy so he starts to hang out with Ally's dad, Lester.


Scene 1Edit

Ally walks into her practice room to see Austin standing there by the piano. He tells her that she needs to write another song because he wants to start speeding up his career. Ally asks him what's wrong with the song she wrote him 2 days ago and Austin tells her he hated it. First Ally asks him why he would tell her that and then asks him why he hated it. Austin says that it just wasn't him and then tells her that if they want to keep working together they have to be truthful. Ally refuses to write another song for him because she worked really hard on the last one. After Austin begs enough to get on Ally's last nerves, she gives in and begins to write another song for him.

Scene 2Edit

While Ally is working really hard on her song, Trish runs in to tell her some big news. Ally asks why it's such big news and Trish tells her it's because...her old crush, Kailey, is back. Ally rolls her eyes. Trish met Kailey in 6th grade. She always liked him but then he moved in 8th grade and she never saw him again, until now. Trish tells her that he moved back and works at Cupcake City, her old job. Trish needs Ally's help because, Trish was banned from Cupcake City when she got fired, and going in there to talk to Kailey is the only way to catch up on things with him. Ally tells her that she really needs to finish the song and that Trish will have to do this one on her own. After a bunch of begging to Ally and rejecting from Ally, Trish gives up and decides to come up with a plan herself. Ally continues to write the song.

Scene 3Edit

Ally runs out of her practice room and into Sonic Boom. She runs to Austin, who is playing the drums, and gives him the song. Austin thanks her and tells her they should go upstairs to the practice room and she can play it for him. When they get to the practice room, Ally plays the song for him, Like a Jet. When she is done, she asks him what he thinks. Austin gets his guitar from the corner and plays the chorus but changes the lyrics to what he thinks. He sings, "You really wanna know? Well I just gotta say, that I don't like it and it sucks sucks sucks sucks!" Ally stands up, appalled at him. Austin tells her that she is slacking off and that he is beginning to get frustrated with her. Ally tells him that she worked really hard on it and says that it doesn't suck. Austin begins to make fun of the song and tells her that he wants another song by the end of the day. Ally starts to yell at him and tells him that he can't control her. She says that she demands respect and that he has no right to treat her that way! Austin rolls his eyes and tells her that he just wants another song. Ally tells him no. She says that he can find another songwriter and that she is done. She stomps out of the practice room. Then she comes back and tells him that it's her practice room and that he needs to get out. Austin leaves and says that he'll find another songwriter. Once Austin's gone, Ally sits at her piano and begins to play, Like a Jet.

Scene 4Edit

Dez walks into Sonic Boom and sees Austin storming out. He asks him what's wrong and Austin says, "Can't talk, gotta find a songwriter!" Dez asks him, "What about Ally?" but Austin ignores him and keeps walking. Dez shrugs and walks into Ally's practice to ask her if she wants to hang out but before he can says anything, Ally says, "Get out, I'm mad!" Dez quickly leaves. He sees Trish walking past Sonic Boom in the mall and runs up to her. He aks if she wants to hang out and she says, "Can't talk, gotta get my boyfriend!" Dez walks back into Sonic Boom, sadly. He sits on drums and wonders what to do. Ally's dad, Lester, walks into the store. He asks what's wrong with Dez and Dez says everyone is busy and he's bored. Lester offers if Dez wants to come fishing with him. After thinking it over, Dez decideds to go with Mr. Dawson and they leave the store to go buy Dez a fishing rod.

Scene 5Edit

Trish looks into the windows of Cupcake City. She sneaks in and hides behind a chair. She looks at Kailey from there. He's behind the counter, giving someone some cupcakes. Trish looks around for her boss and then looks in her mini mirror to make sure she looks alright. Then she casually walks up to Kailey. She greets him and asks him if he remembers her. He says no but then she mentions the time when they were science partners in 6th grade and she caught his hair on fire. Then he remembers her and tell her he still has a scar on his head from the fire. Trish and Kailey laugh about it and start to catch up on things. They exchange phone numbers but then Trish spots her old boss, Kenny. She tells Kailey she has to go and runs out of the store but Kenny spots her and calls her back. He yells at her and tells her that she was banned. But Trish makes up and exuse and tells him that she came to try and get her job back. She tells him that she is really sorry for making her 5 minute break, 2 hours. Kenny tells her that she does have a good attitude and customers like that, so he tells her she can work there for a week and if she does good, she can keep the job. Trish excitedly says thank you, waves bye to Kailey, and leaves Cupcake City. Trish thinks to herself that things didn't go as planned but working at Cupcake City would get her closer to Kailey.

Scene 6Edit

Ally is walking around the mall, angrily. She thinks about Austin. She thinks of how much of a jerk he was. She writes in her book as she walks around the mall, everything that she's thinking. But then she passes a bench and heres an amazing voice. She stops and looks up from her book. She sees a guy, about her age, singing a song about ham and cheese. He sings, "Ham and cheese! Ham and cheese! I like! Oh ham and cheese! Do you like it? I bet you like bagels!" The guy has a guitar case sitting on the floor that says, "Please be giving!" on it. Ally smiles and puts five dollars in it and walks away. Then the boy calls after her to come back. The guy asks her why she put the dollar in. Ally tells him that the singing was amazing, although the song was not that great, the singing was good. The guy thanks her and tells her his name is, Shawn Lukewood. He tells her how he really wants to be a singer but he writes terrible songs. Ally tells him how she writes songs and actually has a song write now that needs a singer. Shawn gets extremely excietd and tells her that he would love to sing the song for her! Ally agrees and they both make a deal and that if all goes well with the song, then she'll write more for him. Shawn excitedly gathers his stuff and walks away with Ally to go to Sonic Boom.

Scene 7Edit

Ally runs into Sonic Boom with Shawn where everyone seems to be happy, except Austin. Dez just came back from fishing with Lester and he loved it! Trish runs up to Ally and tells her what happened! Ally tells Trish what happened and introduces Shawn to Trish, Dez, and her dad. Then Austin walks into Sonic Boom and sees how excited everyone is. Ally asks him what he's doing there. Austin says he came as a regular customer to buy himself a guitar to play his awesome new song (but he's lying, he doesn't have a song or a songwriter and he doesn't really need a guitar, he just wanted to see what Ally was doing). Ally tells him to get one and buy it from her dad. She then excitedly runs into her practice room with Shawn behind her, not even caring about Austin. Austin begins to get jealous that Ally found a new singer to write for so quickly and he feels regretful. He walks out of the store to find a songwriter.

Scene 8Edit

Austin walks around the mall, putting up "Songwriter Needed" signs. Then, he sits down on a mall bench and starts to think of new song ideas. He starts to play random notes, hoping for some inspiration, but whenever he gets an idea, it ends up being the exact same as one of Ally's songs. The scene switches to Ally's practice room...

"Ya ready Shawn?!" said Ally.
"Oh, yeah, Ally!" says Shawn. Ally smiles and she begins to play the piano.
"Oh oh oh oooo eh eh eh oooo oh oh oh oooo eh eh eh, Why you still talkin like ya never gonna get it like ya falling in the dust and you just do ca-are," Shawn sings. Ally plays her piano and Shawn begins to jam out, playing his guitar along with the piano.

Halfway through the song, the scene fades back to Austin. He's playing with his guitar strings, bored.Austin is thinking about Ally and Shawn holding hands in practice room and looking at each other's eyes.He becomes mad and starts thinking why did he tell Ally he hated her songs in the first place.Then,he imagines the picture of Shawn and Ally leaning in and saying I love you to each other.He jumps on his feet and goes back to Sonic Boom,but.....



  • Like a Jet by Shawn Lukewood (Luke Benward)
  • Sorrys Are Never Easy by Austin Moon (Ross Lynch)
  • Jump and Shout by Austin Moon (Ross Lynch)


  • Luke Benward guest stars as Shawn Lukewood
  • Vincent Martella guest stars as Kailey Henly
  • This episode proves Austin's true feelings for Ally