“Shake It & Make It”
Season 2, Episode 7
Air Date

July 8, 2012

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Austin was entered in a contest and know when he wins he gets the chance to go to a show called Shake It Up Chicago! They all go to the taping of the show, excited to reunite with their old friends. Rocky and CeCe develop a HUGE crush on Austin and fight about who is going ask him out first. Meanwhile Casey keeps getting hit on by Ty and Deuce and ends up going out with one of them. Trish and Dez become friends with Gunther and Tinka and are helping them watch Flynn while his mom and dad are on a cruise.


  • This is the second crossover with Austin & Ally and Shake It Up. The two shows reunite in this episode. The first time they met was in Shake It Up & Superheros.Then there is another on called Shake it Ally.
  • Casey Dawson is also in this episode.
  • Trish works at Sonic Boom.
  • Ally dances better with the help of Rocky and CeCe.
  • Austin and Ally dance togther.
  • Austin starts to have little feelings for someone.

Episode DetailsEdit

Scene 1Edit

(Austin and the rest of the gang walk in Sonic Boom) Austin: Hey, where is everyone? Casey: I... really... don't know. Ally: Well, my dad isn't here and the store is open... so I don't know at all. Dez: OH! I KNOW! Maybe an Alien came from outer space and took everybody to their space cave! Trish: What are you talking about? Dez: Oh, just Aliens taking people. (Everyone exept Dez glance at each other, then leave the store, Leaving Dez and Trish to look after the store.)

Scene 2Edit

(Austin, Ally and Casey walking in the park) Casey: *looks at Austin & Ally* Its nice out, isnt it? Austin: *looks at Ally & winks* Yes, yes it is. *Ally looks at Casey with a weird look* Casey: Hey, Whats this? Austin: What? Ally: That note over there? Casey: No, the note right here *Grabs note off of tree and reads it* Congrats Austin Moon on winning the Shake it & Make it contest we hope you will have fun!! Austin: What contest is that? Casey: I don't know, I thought you knew? Austin: I have no idea what that is. Ally: Did Trish do this? Casey: I don't think so, She's been really busy lately. Austin: Then what are we waiting for lets go ask her? *Austin grabs Ally and Casey's hands and pulls them to Sonic Boom*

Scene 3Edit

*Austin, Ally and Casey run into Sonic Boom* Austin: Trish! Did you sign me up for a contest? Trish: Hi to you to. And no i didn't sing you up for a contest, Why? Ally: Cause whoever did wanted him to win and we-lllllllllll... Casey: What she means to say is Austin won and we dont know what the contest was for or where it is. *??? walks in* Ally: one sec. *To ???* Hi, welcome to Sonic Boom! What can I help you with? ???: Hi. I'm looking for Austin Moon and Casey Dawson. Ally: Uh... Oh yeah over here. *Ally and ??? walk in the practice room where Austin, Dez, Trish and Casey went to talk* Ally: Hey guys this is... ???: Gary, Gary Wilde from Shake it Up Chicago? Austin: Nope, Sorry. Casey: Austin. *Casey pulls Austin to the side* Austin: What? Casey: That's the guy from the contest! Austin: Huh? *Casey punches his arm* Austin: Ow! Casey: That didn't hurt, Anyway go talk to him. Austin: Why? Casey: He's the host of the show, so maybe he'll know who singned you up. Austin: Ok. *Austin walks over to Gary while Casey leaves the room* Austin: Hi, sorry but can you tell me about the contest that "I" entered? Gary: I thought you already knew? Ally: Well sir, Austin didn't enter somebody entered him. Gary: Oh Im so sorry I didn't know. Austin: Yeah, I get that alot. Sir can you maybe tell me who entered me? Gary: Sure... *Checks a chart* Ah... It's a girl named Casey Dawson. Austin & Ally: WHO?! Gary: Casey Dawson?

Scene 4Edit

*Austin and Ally run to the park looking for Casey* Ally: Where is she?! Austin: I don't kn... THERE SHE IS! *Austin runs to where Casey is with Ally farther behind him* Austin: CASEY! *Casey drops her soda and food* Casey: Uh, yeah Austin? Austin: Why... did... you...enter me? Casey: Huh? Austin: Don't try to fake it we already know. Casey: We? *Ally catches up* Casey: Oh, sorry? Ally: What do you mean? Casey: I mean sorry, I was trying to enter myself in but i needed to enter someone else cause It wouldn't let me enter, I'm so sorry Austin. Austin: It's ok i guess. Ally: That's it? Austin: Ah, yeah. Why? Ally: It's just that she entered you in a contest without asking or telling you. Austin: And she said sorry, I forgive her. *Austin smiles at Casey and she smiles back* Casey: Thanks. Ally: Whatever. *All walk back to Sonic Boom*

Scene 5Edit

*Austin, Dez and Trish walk in Sonic Boom as Ally and Casey are closing up the store* Austin: What's going on? Ally: Well you should know! Austin: Huh? Trish: You know for a celebritie your not that bright. Dez: Hey! That's my bbf your talking to. Trish: Let me guess bbf means Best Blonde Friend? Dez: How'd you know? Casey: Anyway, Ally said you should know because we sent you an email about it. Austin: Oh, I didn't read any emails this week. Ally: Well you should have! Casey: Ally, Calm dow... Ally: I... AM... CALM!! Casey: Okay, Okay, Austin come here and I'll tell you. Austin: But can't we just... Casey: NO!! Austin: Okay, I'm coming! *Casey walks out the door as Austin mouths the words "Help Me" to Dez who shakes his head and pushes Austin out the door*

Scene 6Edit

*Austin and Casey are outside Sonic Boom talking* Casey:Ok, So Austin, We sent you an email to tell you we're going to Chicago! Austin: Cool, Wait, What?! Casey: Don't you remember? You won the contest, The Shake It Up Chicago contest? Austin: Nope, Not ringing any bells. Casey: Where if you win then you go to Chicago to dance and proform on stage? Austin: Nope... Oh wait! Yeah I remember! Casey: Oh finally! Austin: So what are we waiting for? Casey: YOU! Austin: Huh? *Casey laughs as she goes into Sonic Boom* Austin: What did I say?! *Austin follows Casey in to Sonic Boom*

Scene 7Edit

I will make more soon!! - AustinAllyfan12