“Santa Claus & Elves”
Season 3, Episode 10
Air Date

December 2, 2012

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Ally writes a song about Santa Claus and his Elves and she plays it in Sonic Boom, people think it's rude and offensive so they stop visiting Sonic Boom. Now Ally has to write a new song that will attract the customers back. Meanwhile, Austin tries to find the perfect present to get Ally for Christmas but when he finds the perfect present he accidentally breaks it and has to scury through tons of stores to find a new one to buy. Meanwhile, Dez and Trish have a competition to see who can build the best snow fort.


Scene 1Edit

  • Trish enters the store*

Trish: Guess who got a job at the Holiday Shop? So what do you want for Christmas?

Ally: Well there's this one thing that I've always wanted, something I've asked for since I was a little girl, something I dream of everyday.

Trish: Just what is it?

Ally: A bell piano.

Trish: A bell piano?

Ally: It's a rare piano that each key makes a different bell sound.

  • Dez and Austin throw snowballs at Trish and Ally*

Trish: Why did you hit us with snowballs?

Ally: And how did you find snow in Miami?

Austin: Nevermind that, are you almost finished with the Christmas jingle for Sonic Boom?

Ally: I'm almost finished I just need a few more lyrics

  • Ally leaves and goes to the practice room*

Trish: So Dez you think your good with snow?

Dez: I am the best person with snow.

Trish: Then I challenge you to a snow fort building competition, loser has to be the winners servant for a week

Dez: Oh it's on

  • Dez and Trish run out of Sonic Boom*
  • Ally runs out of the Practice Room*

Ally: I've finished the song, now its time for you to sing it

Austin: Let's do this

  • Austin jumps on stage*

Austin: It's Christmas Time!

And It's time for Christmas rhymes

So don't be a loser

Be a chooser

A chooser of music

Cause were gonna loose it

It's time to have fun

With a big bass drum

  • Crowd yells boo*
  • Ally bites her hair*
  • Scene cuts*

Scene 2Edit

Austin: What are we going to do Ally? All the customers hated your song and are leaving!

Ally: I'm sure there's something we can..

  • Ally get's hit in the face with a snowball*
  • Trish runs in*

Trish: You missed me!

Dez: Oh yeah well check out this Austin head!

  • Dez shows Trish the foam spitter*

Trish: So?

  • Dez sprays Trish with the foam spitter filled with snow*
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