“Runways & Runaways”
Season 2, Episode 20
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CupcakeAussly, AusslyLoverA&A

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Runways & Runaways is the 20th episode of Season 2 of Austin & Ally. It is scheduled to air in late 2012. It is written by CupcakeAuslly & AusllyLoverA&A


Trish gets a job as an assistant in the DeLana DeMona fashion show, being held at the mall. Trish finds Austin a spot in the show, as a male model for DeLana's new clothing line. Ally, Trish, and Dez visit Austin where the fashion show is taken place, while he practices his modeling. DeLana DeMona meets them, and sees Ally's face. She wants Ally to be a model in her fashion show, along with Austin - Austin accepts for her before Ally is able to answer. Austin thinks it's a great way for her to get over her stage fright. To help her, he coaches Ally in modeling. At the same time, however, Ally tries to run away from the modeling buisness but can't with Austin counting on her. Meanwhile, Dez pet-sits for his Uncle Dan, while he is away on his vacation to Brazil. He leaves him in the care of his beloved, Sweetie, his Yorkie. Unfortunatly, Sweetie runs around the mall on the day of the fashion show and gets loose. Will Ally get over her stage fright when she gets on that runway? Will Dez find Sweetie before the fashion show? They must soon get over their fears, and make everything right in time.



  • Trish walks into Sonic Boom with glasses on, holding a clipboard * Guess who got a job as an assistant in the DeLana DeMona fashion show?

Ally: DeLana DeMona? THE DeLana DeMona?

Austin: The Whona Whata?

Ally: DeLana DeMona! Shes the best fashion designer in Miami!

Austin: Eh...Not a big deal....

Trish: She's holding a fashion show this Saturday!

Austin: Again....Not a big deal....

Trish: Austin guess what?

Austin: What?

Trish: I pulled a few strings...and got you a job as a male model in the show!


Trish: I'll call her and tell her you accepted. Your modeling practice'll start soon.

Dez: Great! I can't wait to come to the fashion show!

Trish: Yeah...About that...No red-heads allowed.

Dez:....I'll go dye my hair purple! *leaves*

Ally: I dont think this modeling thing is a very good idea....

Austin: Why not?

Ally: Its just that...Models are mean and stuck-up...That isnt you!

Austin: Ally please!

Ally: Alright....But I dont expect you to act like some mean, stuck-up model....

Austin: Thanks Ally! You're the best!

Ally: One time, a model came into Sonic Boom and expected to have her own music played for her. And that we feed her frozen yogurt....

Austin: What the pancakes?

Ally: Just remember....DON'T act like a MODEL.

Austin:...How is that possible if I'm supposed to BE a model?

Ally: *sighs* Just don't be all stuck-up...

Trish: I called DeLana's personal phone...and her personal assistant answered... and apperently she's glad that Austin'll be a model! You'll start today at noon!

Dez: *walks in with purple hair* I think this is a good look for me!

  • Theme song would play*

Scene One written by AusllyLoverA&A


  • Trish, Austin, and Ally to the fashion show in the mall *

Ally: Oh, I can't wait to meet DeLana! I just love her clothes!

Trish: I love your DeMona Style boots! Espescially the bacon bits at the bottom!

Ally: What bacon bits?......- hescitates - Ew, Ew, Ew! - rubs off bacon bits -

  • Trish Austin & Ally arrive at the modeling practice.

Austin: This place is AMAZING! Woah! Solid walls!


- A beautiful woman in a fur coat, sunglasses, white tights, and high boots with people crowding around her approaches toward them -

Austin: Hehe....hi.

DeLana: Save it. I'm 46 and that bearing husband at home takes showers in his underwear and eat sugar coated chicken nuggets.

DeLana: De La Rosa, you were supposed to come to work at 10. It's noon.

Trish: Yeah, I've got this thing called Trish Time, where I only work after the day is over, and there's no day afterwords.

DeLana: Just go fetch me a latte.

Trish: Sir, yes, sir! * salutes *

Austin: Hey, I'm Austin! I'll be the most beautiful male model in the show! Where is my close-up?

DeLana: Why, I've heard about you......Ulch. - moves on to others -

Ally: Hi. I'm Ally, nice to meet you.

DeLana; My, my, you're quite gorgeous!

Ally: - blushes -

DeLana: - stares at Ally - Are those my boots?

Ally: Uh, yeah! I love your fashion sense. My personal favorite is your egg dress.

DeLana: Hmm.....I like your Moxie, girl. And your just would YOU, Ally, like to be a model in my show?

Ally: Um, n-


Ally: Wait! No-

DeLana: Take her to make-up!

Ally: What! No! THIS IS A MISTAKE! - gets taken in a swivel chair backstage by the assistants -

Austin: * sighs * I've got to help her...

Scene Two Written by CupcakeAuslly.


  • In this episode, Ally is able to get up on stage, but still in unable to perform in public.