“Rivalry & Radios”
Season 3, Episode 1
Air Date

December 8th, 2013

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Rivalry & Radios is a fanon episode of Austin & Ally. It is the first appearance of Texas Moon, and the first episode of Season 3.


Texas moves from Ohio to Miami to be closer to his family, but when a radio show host mistakes him for Austin, he accidently begins to steal Austin's life.


  • This reveals that Austin has a brother.
  • Texas is played by Ross Lynch's older brother, Riker Lynch.
    • Riker Lynch is currently 20, and will be 21 on November 8th of 2012.
  • Mimi Moon reappears, but Mike doesn't appear.
  • Both songs in this episode are a duet. This is the second episode to have a duet


Episode DetailsEdit

Scene 1Edit

Austin, Ally, Dez and Trish are in Sonic Boom, doing things, when Texas walks in. Austin is shocked and drops his guitar (on Dez's foot), and asks Texas what he's doing here. Texas reveals that he wanted to be closer to his family, and someone told him that Austin would be in Sonic Boom. Ally asks Austin who Texas is and Austin reveals that Texas is his older brother, who used to live in Ohio. Texas says that he has to go get his stuff, but Austin and Dez volunteer to get it for him, so they leave, and Ally and Trish return to what they were doing. Miami Mack then walks in and asks for Austin, but when he sees Texas he mistakes him for Austin and leads him outside, with Ally and Trish watching. Austin and Dez return with some boxes and ask Texas where they need to go, but when there is no reply, they drop the boxes and Dez wonders where Texas went. Trish reveals that Miami Mack lead him to the beach, confusing them, but Ally tells them that Miami Mack mistook Texas for Austin.

Scene 2Edit

Texas and Miami Mack arrive at the beach, where a producer tells them that they go live in 1 minute. Texas is confused, and Miami Mack (still mistaking him for Austin) reminds him of his interview. Texas realizes what's going on and starts to correct Miami Mack, but they go on the air and he can't. While Miami Mack is introducing Austin, Texas sees the real Austin along with Ally, Trish and Dez, and shrugs to them, trying to show them it was an accident. Austin, upset, walks away as Miami Mack asks Texas to sing his song, "It's Me, It's You". Texas says he can't and leaves, confusing Miami Mack.

Scene 3Edit

Austin is in the music room, laying across the piano. Ally walks in and asks if Austin's ok, and Austin says that he's fine. When Ally asks if he wants to talk about it, Austin yells at her that he's fine, but, in the process, spills out his emotions of the entire thing. Ally tells him that she's sure Texas didn't do it on purpose, and, at that moment, Texas walks in and apologizes. Austin forgives him, and, happy to be forgiven, Texas admits that Miami Mack asked him to do another interview and leaves, shocking Austin and Ally. Austin gets angry again and storms away, concerning Ally.

Scene 4Edit

It's outside of Austin's house. Ally approaches and knocks on the door, being meeted by Mimi. Ally asks Mimi if Austin is there, and Mimi says that he isn't because he's somewhere else, and Austin's voice is heard yelling that he "went to Alaska". Ally rolls her eyes and asks if she can come in. Mimi lets her in and she goes upstairs to Austin's room, where Austin is laying under his covers- only a large lump is visible, and his feet are sticking up. Ally rolls her eyes and sarcastically wonders where Austin could be. Austin tells her to go away, and Ally says she just wants to help. Austin replies that he doesn't need her help and takes his arm out from under the covers to point to the door. Mimi then calls up that Texas is here, causing Austin to leap out of bed and slam the door. Ally sits on Austin's bed as Texas knocks, telling Austin that he wants to talk to him. Austin yells at him to go away before Ally gets up and pushes Austin away from the door, opening it and letting Texas in. Austin, angry, lays down face-first on his bed. Texas tries to apoligize, but Austin won't let him and Texas, angry, leaves. Ally tries to scold Austin, but Austin orders her to leave his room. Ally leaves, saying she's disappointed in Austin.

Scene 5Edit

Trish and Dez are in Sonic Boom, working on Austin's new music video for "It's Me, It's You". Ally enters and asks what they're doing, so Dez tells her. Ally says there's no point- Austin's not in the mood to perform. Trish is slightly concerned about the fact that Ally is acting angry, so she tells Ally to go upstairs to calm herself in the music room. Shortly after, Austin enters and asks them where Ally is (as Ally is already upstairs). Dez tells him that she's in the music room, but Trish warns him that she's steamed. When Austin asks why Trish is so worried about someone else, Trish becomes disgusted by herself and leaves, amusing Austin and Dez. Austin heads upstairs to find Ally, who is playing the intro to "Helpfulness". Austin enters just as she begins to sing and joins in on the chorus, as well as singing the second verse on his own. At the end of the song, Austin apoligizes to Ally and they hug. Ally then tells Austin that she's not the only one he needs to apoligize too. Conveniently, Texas enters the room at that moment. Austin looks at Ally slightly angrily and Ally motions him to go talk to Texas. Austin and Texas talk about it, and Austin decides to share the spotlight with Texas, though he's not sure how to. Ally gets an idea and begins to play "It's Me, It's You" on the piano, telling Austin and Texas that it's a duet.

Scene 6Edit

Miami Mack is in a TV Studio waiting on Austin. Austin, Texas, Ally, Trish and Dez show up and Austin tells Mack that he has a music video for him to air and Dez hands Mack the DVD. Mack slides the DVD into the player and it airs on TV. It's revealed to be the video Dez and Trish were working on earlier, but with Austin and Texas doing a duet of the song. At the end, everyone is excited to have a music video air on TV and they have a group hug.


  • Ross Lynch as Austin
  • Laura Marano as Ally
  • Raini Rodriguez as Trish
  • Calum Worthy as Dez

Guest StarsEdit

  • Riker Lynch as Texas
  • Preston Jones as Miami Mack
  • Jill Henson as Mimi Moon