Riley as Wendell in Happy Times.
Gender Male
Age 21
Hometown Los Angeles, California
Professional Information
Major Acting
  Happy Times
Friends and Family
Love interests
Titi (in the TV show, Happy Times)
Other Information
First Appearance
  Happy Times & Happy Dads
Portrayed by
Adam DiMarco
Riley is a fanon character in Austin & Ally. He is an actor in the show Happy Times.


Riley is a jokester kind of guy. He plays Wendell in the show, Happy Times. He acts like his character sometimes off set, but only around his co-star, Titi. Titi influences Wendell into Riley when they are off set because Titi often acts like Lucy, her character, off set. When Titi isn't around, Riley is Riley, although, sometimes, after being around Titi so much, he forgets to stop playing Wendell. Riley is usual calm when he is himself and he likes to joke a lot.

Character HistoryEdit

Happy Times & Happy DadsEdit

Riley plays Wendell in Ally's dad's favorite show, Happy Times. He is part of the new cast. Riley seems to be the only actor in the new cast who Lester (Ally's dad) thinks has the Happy Times look. Ally, Lester, Austin, Trish, and Dez meet Riley when they go to the set for Lester to guest star on. They meet him along with his co-star, Titi. Titi and Riley both stay in character and act as if they love each other (because they do in the show). Ally, Lester, Austin, Trish, and Dez think Hollywood people are weird because of this.


  • Riley likes to wear glittery, shiny jackets.
  • Riley wanted to be a race car driver once but his parents said it wasn't safe.
  • Riley thinks Austin has beautiful eyes and nice sandy blond hair. Austin, Ally, and Trish begin to speculate things about him, esspecially after Austin catches him stroking his hair.


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