“Pretty, Little & Liars Part 2”
Season 2, Episode 13
Austin and ally8
Air Date

August 19,2012

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Pretty, Little & Liars Part 2 is part 2 of the 3 part episode, Pretty, Little & Liars Trilogy. This episode aired on August 19, 2013 This is the 13th episode of Season 2.


With more scary texts and emails and notes coming on the 4 friends' way, they team up to unmask who "A" is one step at a time. But what happens when one threatening move strikes back at them? It's about to get hot.


Scene 1Edit

This scene begins 3 days later. The 4 friends are at Ally's house talking about the notes and emails and texts that came to them 3 nights ago. Then, everybody's phone beeps. The gang look at their phones as they read it quietly out
AUstin and ally7
loud. They read, "Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock, Time's running out. 4 music biz are about to get electrified." Austin says that they need a new plan of how to unmask "A" one step at a time. Trish gets a personal text sent to her saying, "A is for Amazingly Powerful, not Amateur. P.S. It's MY turn....". Trish shows her friends and they speak about "A". Then, the gang start deleting messages from "A". The scene ends with Dez saying that this cat and mouse game has grew bigger.

Scene 2Edit

At Sonic Boom, "A" plays several jokes on the group. Austin turns orange, Trish gets hired for a job she never
Austin and ally9
wanted and is not allowed to quit, Dez gets stuck to the floor, and Ally embarasses herself on the jumbo screen at the mall. Filled with excitement, "A"laughs. The gang see "A" and they throw a rock at the figure. "A" flees outside. The gang tries to get Dez out from being stuck. Dez, while trying to get unstuck, paints his nails pink. He then gets a text from "A" and shows the gang. The gang gasp and Dez puts the message in the trash. The scene ends with Austin pulling Dez out while Trish and Ally are talking.

Scene 3Edit

This scene begins at Burger World. They try to relax for once.


  • An excerpt to the ending was released here .