“Pretty, Little & Liars Part 1”
Season 2, Episode 12
Austin and Ally
Air Date

August 12, 2012

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Pretty, Little & Liars Part 2

Pretty, Little & Liars Part 1 is a very special episode of Austin & Ally. It is an Austin & Ally version of Pretty Little Liars. This is part 1 of the 3 part episode. This episode is the 14th episode of Season 2 airing on August 12.


The gang and a new friend, Amy gets obsessed with the show, Pretty Little Liars. The next day they have a party at Austin's house where Amy goes missing. Then, threatning texts from an anonymous person, "A". Realizing this is just like the Pilot episode of Pretty Little Liars, the gang set out to find out who "A" is, learning that Amy is dead.


  • This is an episode that is based on the TV show, Pretty Little Liars.
  1. Part of this episode has the same scenes from the show.
  2. Some parts of this episode have parodies on events that took place.
  • Amy is a parody of Ali from Pretty Little Liars.
  • Amy is played by Janel Parrish who plays Mona on Pretty Little Liars.
  • Each character in some way is related to the 4 girls in PLL.
  1. Trish is like Hanna
  2. Ally is like Spencer
  3. Dez is like Emily
  4. Austin is like Aria

Episode DetailsEdit

Scene 1Edit

Ally, Amy, and Trish are at Sonic Boom watching Pretty Little Liars, UnmAsked. Austin and Dez come in asking what they are watching. Amy says they are watching Pretty Little Liars. Austin and Dez get hooked on it and start watching too. Then, Austin tells the gang about his party.

Scene 2Edit


Amy smiling for a picture

Austin is having a party at his house. Amy goes outside to get something from her car. Ally is talking to Trish when she hears a scream. Austin, Ally, Trish, and Dez run out. Trish asks where Amy is and the gang says that they don't know. They search around the house and they can't find her. Dez calls the police. The police comes and looks around. They comfirm that Amy is missing. The gang stare at eachother in silence.

Scene 3Edit

This scene takes place 2 weeks later. A newspaper is thrown onto Ally's driveway. Thew newspaper headline
Austin and Ally

Newspaper thrown on Ally's driveway

reads, "Still Missing" with a picture of Amy under it. Ally sighs in depress while her brother Mitch walks in asking her for hair spray. She tosses it at him and sighs. She goes outside to retrieve the newspaper and cuts out Amy's picture and puts it in a photo album. She calls Trish where they talk about Amy's kidnap wondering who it is. Then, Ally's phone beeps where a text says, "I'm here bitches and I know everything." Ally calls Trish, Dez, and Austin. They all say that they got a message from "A". The gang meet up at Ally's house to discuss who they think "A" is. Dez suggests Amy and they consider it but then drop the idea. Meanwhile, a shadowy figure is watching them.

Scene 4Edit

The shadowy figure lurks and Trish hears something. She walks outside when "A" flees dropping an earring. THe gang go back inside when a text is sent, "Wanna know who I am?" Ally blinks and a text is sent to her and only her saying "You're a dead girl to me". Austin says he thinks that "A" is Amy. The gang agree. Dez's phone rings and his mom says that the police found Amy. The group starts talking in delight. They walk to Amy's house and stop when they see the body on the ground. The police officer says that they found the body buried not her alive. The gang shares a worried look. Amy's body is pulled onto a harness and taken to the hospital. Austin is called and his dad confirms Amy's death. The scene ends with the gang staring at their phones at a picture of them and Amy. Trish says that it's not Amy, so they need to figure it out. The trip nods and walks away.

Scene 5Edit

This scene opens up with Amy's funeral. The group dress in black carrying pink roses. They are speaking of the last moment they interacted with Amy. Meanwhile, a shadowy figure is lurking behind the trees spying on the gang. Amy's family speaks and so does the group. Ally lays the flowers onto the grave and cries. Trish cries too. Austin and Dez's eyes are watering. "A" sends a text that states, "Don't cry over that b***. Make new b***" Trish
Austin & Ally4

"A" watching them

snaps her head up and looks confused. Austin hears a twig break and turns around. "A" runs to their car and drives really fast away from the group. Ally says that she thinks that was "A". The trio agrees. The scene ends with "A" cutting out pictures of the group and taping them on a mirror while chewing chocolate

Scene 6Edit

This scene starts with the gang having lunch at Ally's house. Everyone's parents are in the living room talking. The trio starst talking about the mysterious "A". "A" watched from the outside slipping letter into the door slot. Ally asks if they want to discuss who they think "A" is. Trish suggests

Tara listening to her friends talk

Austin's sister, Melanie because she hated Amy. Dez disagrees and suggests Jane, a former friend who became deaf because of an accident. Austin suggests the police officer, saying that he looked suspicious. Ally thinks it was Tara, Austin's ex-girlfriend. The gang sees Tara and they go up to her and ask her if she knew who "A" is. Tara gasps and says that she's been texted by "A". She flips open her phono and shows a text that says "Wanna join the "A" team?" Trish gasps. Tara says that she knows that "A" is a brunette. Dez says that they know that "A" is a girl. Trish stares out the window and sees Amy (she thinks it's a hallucation) and gasps "Amy" quietly. Austin asks how Tara knows that "A" is a brunette. Tara replies that "A" sent her a text that said, "All brunettes like me win, blondies like you lose." Then Tara asks how they know "A" is a girl. Ally replies that there was someone spying on them dressed in black that fleed away dropping an earring. Tara says that she blocked "A" on email and on her phone, but "A" can still get through it. Trish says that it has to be a hacker or some computer genius. Ally, Austin, Trish, and Tara all stare at Dez. Dez promises that he is not "A". The scene ends with the gang staring at a text sent from "A" saying, "Don't underestimate me, b***".

Scene 7Edit

This scene opens up with "A" in their "lair". "A" walks into a closet and comes out changed. "A" wears a red wig, green eye contacts, a polka dot shirt, and a black skirt. "A" sits on a chair chewing gum and sends Austin a text
Austin and Ally2

A's text

that says, "Well, well, well, Austin Moon, getting back to Tara, never knew that you could bring yourself back.....". "A" sends a message to Melanie saying "Oops! Trishy's big sister needs to dial it down." "A". "A" cackles and the scene ends with "A" ripping a picture of Austin.

Scene 8Edit

Ally walks toward the door to go to Sonic Boom until she sees a piece of paper on the floor. Ally reads, "Are you scared? You should be Ally, I rule at this game!" Shocked, Ally walks to Sonic Boom, where her friends are
Austin and ally3
already at. Ally holds up the note she got. She reads it out loud and the gang gasp in shock. Austin flips his phone open and reads the text he got. Trish says that whoever "A" is, is to powerful. Dez starts talking about Amy. Each friend states a memory with Amy. Trish remembers when Amy planned her a surprise b-day party, Ally remembers when Amy helped her with writer's block, Austin remembers when Amy helped him make new dance moves, and Dez remembers when Amy encouraged him to do whatever he wants. Trish sees another "hallucation" of Amy and silently says Amy. Ally sighs and the gang stares at each other, depressed.

Scene 9Edit

The trio meet at Dez's house and they decide to trap "A" to find out who she is. Ally says that they should pretend to let "A" have a free hit on Trish. Austin says that Dez should accidentily send "A" a text that she'd be walkng home by herself from a party. Ally adds that Dez should really walk home by herself while she and Austin should hide behind a tree and keep a look out. And then, Dez will trick "A" and then Austin and Ally will come out. Trish adds that if "A" does something, she'd drive by watching. The gang agree and Trish sends "A" a text.

Scene 10Edit

Dez walks home from Ally's house. "A" lurks behind a tree. When Dez "accidentily" drops his bag of candy, "A" runs out pinning him to the ground. Austin and Ally come out and grabs "A" off. "A" drop her phone and runs. Then, Trish jumps out of her car and scares "A" away. Ally sighs in failure then picks up the phone and smiles. The gang cheer and they run to Dez's sister, Dakota. Dakota hacks into the phone system and starts reading until "A" turns off the system. Disappointed, the group gets up. Trish gets the phone from Dakota's hand and throws it. The phone breaks and Dez cleans it up. Meanwhile, "A" is on the phone with an anonymous person.

Scene 11Edit

Trish is writing a book report when a rock is thrown into Trish's open window. Trish is about to throw the rock back outside until she notices a piece of paper on therock. She reads, "I'm a revenge master." Trish throws the rock back outside and emails her friends.

Scene 12Edit

Ally is reading a book when she gets Trish's email. She looks confused until she gets a note that says, "You
Austin and ally 5
didn't bite the first time, but you will!." Ally bites her lip scared. She squeazes on the note and shuts her eyes. She reopens them and sends Trish a reply. Ally opens her hand and tears the note and throws it in the trash can. Meanwhile, outside something black moves inthe trees making a twig break. Ally snaps her head up and looks outside and goes back to read.

Scene 13Edit

Austin and ally 6
Austin is at his house texting when an email comes to him. It says "Don't act so pissed." He looks confused then deletes the emails. He makes sure that he blocked "A". Austin gets Trish's email and replies that he got a weird message too. He throws a peanut in his mouth and sighs in annoyance and irritation. He shuts off his computer and walks downstairs.

Scene 14Edit

Dez is eating a slice of pizza while organizing everything in his backpack: ham, trumpet, pen, pumpkin, and an ice sculpture. "A" send him a text that he reads. He reads, "Are you afraid?" Dez goes back onto his inbox and deletes every text that he got from "A". Then he deletes from his email. The scene ends with "A" outside burying the rock that Trish threw back outside.

Scene 15Edit

This scene begins with "A" taping pictures of the 4 friends until her phone rings. "A" talks in a creepy voice to hide her identidy. The person who is speaking to "A" says "Now". "A" drops her phone and falls sitting on the ground, shaking her head. The scene ends with "A" throwing a rock outside in frustration.