“Pranks & Producers”
Season 1, Episode 3
Air Date

December 18, 2012

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Austin's "Double Take" video is watched by a record producer named Archie. Archie wants to rip Austin off to get his son, Jake, to become famous. Ally, Trish, and Dez secretly steal Archie's "planner" and find out his plans of pranks and sabatoge. They tell Austin who doesn't believe them until he walks into a MAJOR trap. Ally calls the police while Dez and Trish are looking for Archie. The police arrest Archie and Jake reveals that his father has been doing this to all kinds of singers.


  • It is revealed that Ally's 1st best friend was named Lorella.
  • Michael Jackson Labels is a parody of Walt Disney Labels.

Episode DetailsEdit

The plot details of Pranks & Producers.


Austin is playing on the guitar, Ally is writing a song, Dez is testing out effects for his video camera, and Trish is organizing props at Sonic Boom. Austin's phone rings and he answers it. It is the producer, Archie. Archie tells him that he wants to make Austin a professional singer. Austin tells the gang and they go to Michael Jackson Labels. They meet Archie and Austin plays a song for him. Archie says that he loved "Double Take". After they leave, Trish overhears Archie talking to himself about his plan to rip Austin off. Trish rushes off to Dez and Ally who tell Austin, but Austin doesn't believe them.

SCENE 2 Edit

Trish, Dez, and Ally secretly meet at Sonic Boom and set up a plan to sneak into Archie's office and steal his planner. Ally sneaks into the office, Trish distracts the security guard, and Dez turns off all of the cameras and helps Trish. Ally gets into the office and gets the planner. She reads over and finds out that Archie planned lots of pranks for Austin. She sneaks out through the window and accidentally hits the guard with a pen. Ally hides behind the bush and runs away with Trish and Dez. Dez and Trish read the planner and explain to Austin the pranks. Austin doesn't even believe them when he sees the planner. Austin goes outside to the park where he steps in a big trap. He gets attacked by birds and Archie secretly takes a photo of Austin being attacked and posts it on his fake identidy blog: Muzic Critic 101. Austin gets laughed at for 2 days and he believes that Archie is ripping him off finally.


Austin, Ally, Trish, and Dez set up Archie a prank.

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