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Love blossoms when you least expect it.

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Scene 1 - Ally's Mind

The camera pans in on a sleeping Ally Dawson. She's lying on a pillow in the music room her and Austin share. She smiles and mumbles something in her sleep. The screen shimmers to a purple background. Glitter flies in multiple directions and harp music plays. The camrera falls on Ally dressed in a princess dress. She sits in a high tower and lies on a bed staring at the ceiling.

Ally: *sigh* (looks at watch) When is this next Prince coming to save me? (a noise comes from her windowsil)

Prince Dallas: Hark, fair dudette-lady! I'm here to, like, save you. *moves a ladder to the window*

He moves the ladder to the edge. Dallas stands, in his shiny silver plastic armour. Gazing at the ladder, he takes a breath and runs to the ladder screaming a battle cry. He runs smack into the wall and groans. He looks at the ladder, then looks up.

Prince Dallas: Not worth it; just not worth it

He walks away, and searches for another Princess he can save. Ally slumps back into her seat. Then a clanging comes from the bottom of the tower. Ally's face lightens.

Peasent Austin: I'm here to save you your highness! *looks up at her and sees her smiling* Your beauty is beyond compare and your voice is silky as sweet honey. And, I'd love to make music with you.

Ally puts her hand over her heart and sighs. Austin has always come to the bottom of the tower, but was always chased away by the guards because he was "unworthy as a Peasent". She, secretly, had come to fall for the talented boy.

Austin pulled out a rope from his "trusty stead": a donky named Pickles. The rope was thrown and successfully snagged on a rock.

Peasent Austin: Yes! (He plants his feet firmly on the side of the brick, and his weight is supported. After a while of struggling, he makes it to her ledge and jumps in) My lady. *bows before her*

Ally: My hero! *kisses him passionately as the screen flashes to the sleeping Ally* *wakes up* Austin.
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Austin's heart fluttered as she passed by.