Nancy Wilkinson
Gender Female
Age 16
Height 5'5"
Nationality American
Hometown New York
Born April 14, 1995
Professional Information
  Jimmy Young, XYZ Family
Friends and Family
unknown father

unknown mother

Jimmy Young
Love interests
Stewart(boyfriend, dating)
Other Information
Portrayed by
Selena Gomez
Nancy Wilkinson is an actress. Ally Dawson and Trish are fans of her work. Nancy starred in a famous TV show called "Stars Up in the Sky, Crying Tears of Joy" on XYZ Family. Nancy appeared in the episode Accidents & Festivals. Her co-star Jimmy Young's father died while filming a stunt for a new movie called "Shake That Booty", he fell off a 19-floor building and literally cracked his head open. So she appeared at the funeral to support Jimmy and his father. Nancy let Ally and Trish go see shootings for her TV show "Stars Up in the Sky, Crying Tears of Joy". Dez tried to hit on her, but she denied because she's dating a guy named Stewart. According to Trish, "Stars Up in the Sky, Crying Tears of Joy" got canceled for a year due to negative ratings on iTunes, but Jimmy and Nancy had ideas for a better season; put some more romance in the episodes. The writers approved of the idea, and they got high audiences again after a year of canceling.