“Memory & Mystery”
Season 2, Episode 19
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Memory & Mystery is the nineteenth episode of Season Two.


When Ally tries to put a new guitar up on display, it falls and hits her head, causing her to lose her memory. Now Austin is trying everything he can to help Ally regain her memory but is having a really hard time doing so. Meanwhile, Dez decides to create a mystery movie and hires Trish as the leading actress but Trish is too demanding and wants to change every part of the movie possible and makes some very strange demands.


Episode DetailsEdit

Scene 1Edit

Trish and Dez are at the counter of Sonic Boom, both looking over a stack of papers. Austin and Ally enter and ask them what they are doing that's so amazing that they're not arguing. Dez says that he's created almost every genre of short-films except mystery and he feels bad for leaving it out and wants to film one. Trish says that Dez offered her the starring role and this upsets Austin because he was always the lead in Dez's movies. When Austin demands to know why he was replaced, Trish replies that the lead is a girl and if Austin wants to slap on a dress for the part, he may. Embarrassed, Austin apologizes and he and Ally are about to go up to the practice room to begin writing a new song,when her dad stops them and asks Ally to put up a new guitar on display first. The shelf is very high and Austin offers to put it up for Ally since he's taller but Ally says that she can handle it. Ally is on her tippy toes trying to put up the guitar but the iy tips over and falls off the shelf, hitting Ally in the head, causing her to pass out. Austin starts to freak out and Trish calls 911. Austin decides to go to the hospital with Ally since Dez and Trish need to start filming their movie.

Scene 2Edit

At the hospital, Ally finally wakes up but is unable to remember what happened. When the doctor lets Austin into the room to talk to Ally, she starts screaming "Stranger danger" over and over again. Austin is very confused until the doctor explains to him that the guitar hit caused amnesia in Ally. When Austin asks when Ally's memory will be restored, the doctor says that it's indefinite and the amnesia might even be permanent.

Scene 3Edit

Trish and Dez are in Sonic Boom and they've closed the store since Ally is in the hospital and begin to shoot Dez's movie. When Dez gives Trisht he dress that she's supposed to wear for the movie, she says that it's hideous and the she wouldn't be caught dead in that thing. Trish shows Dez the dress that she chose and he says that it's too flashy for a mystery movie. Hearing this, Trish threatens to quit the movie and Dez gives in. Realizing that Dez will agree to any insane demand she makes, Trish asks for a dozen cups of smoothies and Dez runs out to get them. Austin walks into the store with Ally and when Trish walks up to Ally to ask how she feels, Ally kicks her and tells her to stay away. Trish stares at Ally in disbelief until Austin explains to Trish what the doctor said. Trish says that she would help Ally try to regain her memory but she's to busy filming the movie and making Dez do what ever she wants. Dez then returns with a dozen smoothies and when Trish takes one sip, she starts screaming at Dez that that's not the smoothie she wanted. Dez says that she never specified which one she wanted and Austin asks her if she can even drink that many smoothies. Trish ignores both of them and walks out to get the smoothie she wanted herself.

Scene 4Edit

Austin takes Ally up to the practice room and asks her if she knows where she is. Ally looks around the room and says that they're in a popcorn machine. Austin stares at Ally and wonders how she's able to come up with something like that. Ally spots the piano and runs over to it and starts slamming her hands onto random keys and Austin screams at her to stop. He spots her song book on the music stand and asks her if she knows what it is. Ally replies that she doesn't, so Austin takes it and flips to a random page and starts reading. Before he is able to get past the first sentence, Trish whips open the door with a smoothie and asks Austin why he has Ally's song book. Austin tosses the book over his shoulder, says that he doesn't have a book and asks why Trish isn't helping Dez with his film. Trish says that she decided to take a break and asks Austin if Ally has made any progress in recovering her memory. He stares at Trish and replies that Ally thought they were in a popcorn machine. Trish suggests they dig up some old pictures of Ally and her friends to help her remember who they are but tells him he only has two hours to help Ally because she booked him a gig as the main event at the mall's Music Festival.

Scene 5Edit

Trish runs back to Dez's movie set and Dez asks her where she's been. She says that she was helping Ally with her amnesia, she then notices that Dez already began filming and asks him what he think's he's doing. Dez was tired of obeying Trish's every command and waiting for her to show up on time so he replaced her with Brittany, the same girl that acted in "Claws Dun-Dun-Dun". Trish is furious and starts to trash the set before she is escorted out by security guards which Dez apparently hired to protect his set.

Scene 6Edit

Ally is sitting on the floor with pictures and photo albums spread out all around her and Austin is flipping through an album labeled "Ally's Baby Days". He sees many pictures of Ally as a baby and says out loud that she was really cute before getting up and sitting down next to her on the floor. Ally is staring at a picture of her, Trish, Austin and Dez on the beach and is trying really hard to remember who the people in the picture are. Dez runs into the practice room and asks Austin what he's doing there. Austin says that he's helping Ally regain her memory and Dez replies that the Musical Festival is starting. Austin apparently forgot and he pulls Ally up from the floor and is about to run out before he notices that Dez is in the practice room instead of shooting his mystery film. When asked about this, Dez replies that Trish did a lot of damage to the set and they couldn't fix it, so he quit his mystery film and says that it was probably never meant to be made in the first place.

Scene 7Edit

Austin barely makes it in time to the festival and Trish pushes him into a dressing room and throws his clothes into the room before slamming the door shut. After Austin is dressed, he runs on to the stage and starts singing "Double Take". Trish and Dez are enjoying the performance and when Austin starts to sing "Not a Love Song", they notice Ally is singing along with him. Trish looks at Ally and asks her if she knows who's singing the song and who wrote it. Ally says that Austin is singing the song and that she is pretty sure that she wrote the song herself. Trish is amazed that Ally has recovered her memory and then asks her if she knows who she's standing next to. Ally replies with Trish and Dez and asks Trish why she's asking her such silly questions. Trish starts jumping for joy and hugs Ally and Dez joins in.

Scene 8Edit

After the performance, Ally runs up to Austin and says that his performance was amazing and she especially enjoyed hearing "Double Take" because it was the first song Ally wrote that Austin sang. Austin thanks her and realizes that Ally knew the name of the song and who sang it. He asks Ally if she knows who he is and she replies Austin; he then picks her up and hugs her and says that it's good to have her back. Ally stares at everyone and says that she never left. Trish explains to Ally what happened but Ally doesn't believe it. Ally goes back to Sonic Boom and her three friends follow. Dez asks Ally what she's going to do now and she says that her dad asked her to put up a guitar on display and that she's going to now. As she's about to put the guitar on the high shelf, Austin runs over and grabs it from her and says that he'll do it.