“Long Friendships & Long Farewells”
Season 6, Episode 39-40
Air Date

August 10, 2014

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“Questions & Marks”



Long Friendships & Long Farewells is the 39th-40th episode in Season 6 of Austin & Ally. This is the last episode in Season 6 and also the series finale. This one-hour episode will air on August 10, 2014.

Episode SummaryEdit

Austin starts dating with a beautiful girl who meets in the park. Ally sees them in a restaurant, and starts making strange ideas. When she tells Austin to don't go out with that girl, he gets mad because of her continuous jealousy and slaps Ally without thinking. She runs away from the Sonic Boom, while Trish is coming in and she sees her and then Austin. Trish asks him what did he do to her and he explains everything. Trish says that it is unbelievable and also that Ally was jealous because she loves him. Austin, shocked, asks Trish where is the girl but she doesn't know because Ally's phone is off. Some days later, Dez comes in Austin's house and meets him for asking explanations. The blonde guy gets shocked again when Dez reveals that the girl who Austin is dating is his sister Moze, a famous record producer who is searching big talents, without knowing Austin is a famous star. He breaks up with her but she hears him when he sings a song for Ally, called You Are My Sun and gets surprised for his wonderful voice. Ally doesn't want to forgive Austin so he starts despairing and when Moze asks him to follow her in her label he says yes thinking that Ally will never forgive him. Ally comes back and tells him that she wanted to know if he was faithful even if she was mad with him after he slaps her. Then she reveals she forgave him immediately. Austin is surprised, but has to tell Ally something. When he tells her that he is leaving the country for the new label, she gets shocked and starts crying. Next day Dez comes in the Sonic Boom and announces to Ally that he is dating with Trish. She congratules with him and then Trish comes in and kisses Dez when she sees him. Lester claps to them and they laugh. Kira arrives and tells Ally his brother Matthew wants to duet with her. She accepts and the next day they sing I Got That Rock'n Roll. Matthew tries to get some chances with Ally, but she doesn't accept his avances, so he go out and he is not seen in the episode again. The party for Austin's farewell starts at 8 p.m. and, after some songs, including ones of Lindsay Lohan, guest of the party, Austin says goodbye to everyone, from Lester, to Mimi, to Brooke. Kira starts crying for his goodbye but he makes her quiet with some consolable words. After Trish and Dez' turn, it's Ally's. Austin immediately hugs her and then he kisses Ally, and also Dez kisses Trish. Moze interrupts the party, Austin kisses Ally again, he tells he loves her too and Ally hugs him. Then he leaves the park where there was the party and says goodbye to the beautiful city of Miami with a look. The next week, Dez and Trish come in the Sonic Boom and with a trumpet announce Austin's return. Ally immediately screams for the happiness and she asks them when she could see him. They answer a now. Confuse, Ally shakes her head and when a guy yells her name she runs immediately to hugging him. He is Austin, who left Moze's label the same day he comes in. Dez asks him if he didn't make her sister sad and he tells him he can't guarantee that. Dez smiles and tells him that he hopes he broke her heart, because he hates her for her big career. Trish hugs him, revealing that she saw Dez's talent from the moment that she met him. Dez smiles and kisses her. Ally tells Austin that she composed a song for his goodbye, so she sings her song The Hardest Word To Say Is Goodbye. Austin smiles at her and whispers her that the song had to be speeded, remembering her their first meeting. She blushes and he kisses her twice. Austin asks if she would be his girlfriend, and she says yes, kissing him. Austin, Ally, Dez and Trish hug each other and then the rest of the entire cast meets and hugs them. With Can't Do It Without You melody, after six season, the curtain falls.

Songs FeaturedEdit

Can't Do It Without You (theme song)

Can do it without (Remix)

The Hardest Word To Say Is Goodbye (premiere)

You Are My Sun (premiere)

I Got That Rock'n Roll 


Main Cast Edit

Ross Lynch as Austin Moon

Laura Marano as Ally Dawson

Raini Rodriguez as Trish De la Rosa

Calum Worthy as Dez

Special Guest Cast Edit

Lindsay Lohan as herself

Karen Gillan as Moze

Recurring Cast Edit

Jill Benjamin as Mimi Moon

Andy Milder as Lester Dawson

Kiersey Clemons as Kira Starr

Carrie Wampler as Brooke Woods

Guest Cast Edit

Carlon Jeffery as Matthew Starr


  • This is the last episode in Season 6 and also the series finale.
  • This is the nineth appearance of Brooke Woods and the twelfth of Kira Starr in Season 6.
  • It is revealed that Kira has an older brother, Matthew. Also, Dez has a sister called Moze.
  • Austin never got mad like in this episode, because in this series finale he slaps Ally.
  • Two new songs are featured in this episode.
  • This is the episode with most Auslly kisses, with a total of 5.
  • Austin and Ally come back together.
  • All the cast of Austin and Ally comes back in this episode for the final hug.
  • This is the first episode where Mimi appears without her husband Mike.
  • When Austin and Ally were saying goodbye to each other, they were crying for real during the shooting.
  • This is an one-hour episode, that will air on August 10, 2014 with the 38th episode Questions and Marks
  • Austin is going to star in an Austin & Ally spin-off with Dez and Ally's cousin Brian Dawson with a new friend. The show is going to be called Life With Me And My Best Friend. Ally and Trish will appear in a recurring role.