“Jealousy & Jukeboxes”
Season 1, Episode 1
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December 4, 2011

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Jealousy & Jukeboxes is the first fanon episode of Austin & Ally. In this episode, Ally begins to show her feelings for Austin.


When Ally has to go for a job interview, she leaves Austin & Trish in charge of Sonic Boom. While Trish is running the store with Austin, she starts to develop feelings for him and gets a crush on him. The next day, she tells Ally and Ally, putting aside her jealousy, tells Trish to ask Austin out. Unexpectingly, Austin says yes to Trish and they plan a date at a popular, famous resturant. Ally begins to get really jealous seeing Trish and Austin as girlfriend and boyfriend and being all sweet to each other around her, so she gets Dez to help her sabotage Austin and Trish's date. Meanwhile, Dez struggles to get a jukebox for a music video, but goes through more then expected. Dez's secret feelings for Trish are revealed.

Episode DetailsEdit

The plot details of Jealousy & Jukeboxes.


Ally walks into Sonic Boom, acting very nervous, with a messenger bag on her shoulder and a bunch of papers. Austin is playing the guitar, Dez is recording Austin, and Trish is reading a fashion magazine. They ask Ally why she is so nervous and why she has so much papers. Ally tells them that she needs to make some more money and she has a job interview to work at a technology store called, TechNot. TechNot is very famous and worldwide known. They pay a lot of money to their workers, that's why she is so stressed and really wants the job. She tells them she needs their help and needs someone to run Sonic Boom while she's gone. She asks Dez which offends Austin and Trish. They ask why she would choose Dez over them. Ally tells them that Austin is way too irresponsible and Trish wouldn't last a day running that store. Think of all the jobs Trish has gotten fired from. Dez can't run the store because he will be looking for a giant jukebox for Austin's next video for his song, Music Is All Around Me, in which Dez plans for the music video to have a muisc city where the giant jukeboxes are a bunch of buildings surrounding Austin and other instruments with be around him, too. Ally is left with no choice but to have Austin and Trish run the store. She makes sure everything is okay before she leaves. She hesitates a bunch of times to leave but soon finds the courage to trust Austin and Trish and leaves. Right when Ally and Dez leave, Austin and Trish decided to go get some ice cream (even though their suppose to be running the store)


Dez goes to a prop store that sells items for shows, movies, music videos, etc. The prop house has music blasting and you can barely hear. Dez asks the man at the desk, Rick, who runs the store if he can rent 20 giant jukeboxes and gives him the Sonic Boom adress to send them to. Rick can't hear Dez and Dez has to repeat himself. Rick still can't hear Dez and Dez repeats himself again. Dez continuously repeats himself until Rick finally hears him. Rick writes down his order and Dez gives him his credit card. The order should get to Dez the next day.


Austin and Trish are at Sonic Boom. Everything is quiet. Austin is bored and is just bouncing a ball (Ally told him to not play the instruments). Trish is just reading her fashion magazine. Soon Austin gets so bored and he asks Trish what she thinks of his music. She says she likes it. Trish then asks him if he ever had a job before. Austin says no and he doesn't plan on it. Trish tells him that if you want to be a singer, that's a job. Austin tells her that that will be the only job he ever does and that it will actually be fun. Austin and Trish start to talk more and more. Austin makes Trish laugh a lot and Trish makes Austin smile a lot. They play music and have a lot of fun. Then when Austin and Trish get really close they almost kiss right when Dez walks in on them. Dez asks what's going on and Austin and Trish say nothing. A customer comes in and Austin goes to help the customer out while Trish stares at Austin dreamily and Dez looks back and forth at the two to figure out what's going between them.

austin and ally SCENE 4Edit

Ally gets back from her job interview and says she nailed it. She is extremely happy she got the job but notices something weird between Austin and Trish. She tries to figure it out and asks Dez but he doesn't have an answer. She asks Austin what happened when she and Dez were gone but Austin just says nothing. Same for Trish. Ally knows something when on and can't figure it out.


Ally, Austin, Trish, and Dez arrive at Sonic Boom. Austin is playing the guitar and Dez is listening. Trish is staring at Austin and Ally is still trying to figure out what happened. Soon, Dez's order comes in and Dez gets extremely excited for them to all see the giant jukeboxes. But then the things he end up getting are giant cubes. He asks the deliverer what they are and the guy says they are giant jokeboxes just like he ordered. When you push a button on the side, a toy clown pops out and tells a joke. Dez figures out that Rick, the man at the desk, probably thought he said giant JOKEboxes not giant jukeboxes. Dez gets extremely angry, esspecially becase he already paid to rent them and can't get a refund. He marches away to go fix his order. After that whole scene happens, Ally finally confronts Trish and demands to know what happened the day before. Trish tells her that she fell in love. Ally asks with who and Trish says Austin. Ally is extremely shocked and jealous. Trish tells Ally what happened when she was gone and how much fun they had. Trish says se wants to ask him out but she is too scared. She also says that she knows there is something going on between her (Ally) and Austin and she wouldn't hurt her best friend.Ally denies that she has any feelings for Austin. Trish doesn't believe Ally but Ally tells her she really doesn't and tells Trish to ask Austin out. Trish asks if Ally really thinks she should and Ally says yes. Trish gets excited and goes over to ask Austin out. Ally thinks that Austin will say no and tries not to worry because she really is jealous. Surprisingly, Austin says yes and tells her about this really exclusive, famous, couples dinner called, Jessy's. He asks her if she will go with him the upcoming Friday for their first date.


Dez marches into the prop store and confronts Rick. This time it is quiet at the store. Dez tells him that he did not order giant jokeboxes but ordered giant jukeboxes. He demands to get giant jukeboxes for free or get a refund on the giant jokeboxes. Rick refuses and tells Dez that he heard giant jokeboxes. He tells him it wasn't his fault so therefore, Dez has to deal with the jokeboxes. Dez gets furious and starts to yell at the man. Rick calls security and Dez gets kicked out. Failing to break away from security, Dez sits outside the prop store thinking of what to do. He looks through the window and stares at Rick. He glares at him. The phone in the store rings and Rick answers it. The man is talking to his girlfriend about going to a resturant called, Jessy's, on Friday. Dez thinks of a plan that may get the man to give him free jukeboxes.


It is now Friday and Ally is getting more and more sick of Austin and Trish. Austin, Ally, and Trish are hanging out at lunch. Austin is putting is arm around Trish and is constantly getting closer to her. He is feeding her french fries and keeps calling her babe and Trishy. Trish keeps calling Austin sweetie and Austy Wausty. Ally gets extremely irritated because, one, she feels like the third wheel, two, she is extremely jealous of Trish! She's mostly jealous. Ally begins to get really sick of it and before Austin and Trish even get their food, Ally says she has to go to the bathroom but really just leaves.


Ally comes back to Sonic Boom to see Dez pacing around the room. She askes him what's his problem. He says that he needs to find a way to get his jukeboxes and for free. He asks her what her problem is. Ally tells him that she thinks Trish and Austin don't go well together and that she doesn't want Trish to get hurt (but she really is just jealous). She tells him that she is sick of seeing them acting all cute to each other. She tells him also that that night they are going on a date to an exclusive couples dinner called, Jessy's. Dez tells her that the rude man at the prop store, Rick, is going to Jessy's with his girlfriend. This is a perfect opportunity for both of them. They come up with a plan that they will go to Jessy's together to spy on Trish and Austin and get Rick to give Dez free jukeboxes. They agree that they will help each other break Trish and Austin up and find a way to hold something over Rick so he can give Dez free jukeboxes.


It's the night of Austin and Trish's date and they leave Sonic Boom all dressed up and happy. Austin was wearing a tux and Trish was wearing a blue, slik dress. Right after they leave, Ally and Dez get ready to follow them. Appearantly, Jessy's is a couples diner so only couples are aloud in. Ally and Dez have to wear a disguise, so Austin and Trish won't notice they are spying on them, and they have to pretend they are a couple, so they can get into the diner. And, the diner is formal so you have to be dressed appropriately for it. Ally was wearing a red haired wig, glasses, a fake nose, some makeup, and a long purple, glittery dress. She lookeed like a geek attempting to look pretty. Then Dez was wearing some make up, a blong wig, sun glasses, and a tux that looked a lot like Austin's but it was messy. Dez looked like a guy who just woke up and threw on a tux. If you looked closely, you could tell that Ally and Dez were Ally and Dez but from a distance, you couldn't. Ally and Dez agreed to stay out of direct sunlight and not to get too close to Austin and Trish. Then Ally and Dez went to follow Austin and Trish.


Ally and Dez arrive at Jessy's to see Austin and Trish checking in. They hide behind a counter and after Austin and Trish check in, they get a table but it's too far away from Austin, Trish and even Rick. Ally and Dez argue with the waitress about their table but when they start to attarct attention, they accept the table and sit down. The waitress, Bella, takes thier drink order down and leaves, keeping a watchful eye on them. As soon as shes gone, Ally and Dez get up from their seats and sneak up toward Austin and Trish. When Austin begins to turn around, Ally and Dez turn around and run into the kitchen. They take a uniform off of some hooks and slip them over their clothes. Ally tells Dez that she'll keep an eye on Austin and Trish and Dez can go try and get Rick to give him his free jukeboxes. Dez agrees and leaves the kitchen. bumping into the wall on his way out. Ally rolls her eyes and grabs a bowl of salad from a counter and walks out. She hides her face with the salad bowl and walks over to Austin and Trish. "I have yo' salad!" says Ally in a Polish accent. Austin thanks her and goes back to a conversation with Trish. To break up the convo, Ally "accidentally" spills salad dressing all over Austin. Austin tries to keep his cool and politly excuses himself to clean up. As Austin walks away Ally starts to talk to Trish.

"Oh, sweetheart, you can do so much better than that garbage of a boy, no?" says Ally in her accent, "Look at that sandy hair full of dandruff that shines in the sun!"
Trish responds saying, "I like it."
Ally says, "What about those eyes. So beautiful they make you smile, no?"
Trish again says, "I like it."
Ally says, "What don't you like about the boy?!"
Trish says, "Nothing." She starts smiling.

In frustration, Ally makes a huge crack in the cheap, plastic salad bowl, dumping all of the salad onto Trish and Austin's table. Trish groans then looks up at Ally. "Wait a minute," she says staring at Ally's face. Ally's waitress, Bella, spots Ally and points security over to her. Ally rushes back into the kitchen. Austin returns to the table and Trish asks him, "Do you notice anything peculiar about our waitress?"


Dez sneaks up on Rick. He tries to be silent but he quickly catches Rick's attention.

Rick: "havvvee we met before?"

Dez: (nervously) What!? No, pfft what are you talking about!?" ( Walks away quickly)

Ally: What happened?

Dez: Nothing

  • With Austin and Trish*

Austin: This food is awesome!

Trish: Not as much as you :D!

Austin: Aww thanks!

( Ally walks by and sees that they are to close)

Ally: ( in accent) well hello! would you guys like more food becaus-

( is paused because slow music is played)

Austin: Hold that thought, Trishy would you like to dance?

Trish: Sure Ausy!

They get up and dance with Ally staring at them in discontent. She walks back over to Dez sighing, but Dez is still trying to avoid Rick.

Austin and Trish are dancing and their faces are very close. Austin begins to lean in and Ally notices that they are about to kiss. She grabs her phone and plans to call Austin to disrupt it, and in enough time so that Austin only pecks Trish. Austin's phone rings and it shows Ally on the caller I.D. Austin apologizes to Trish and excuses himself, running outside. Ally follows him while talking to Austin on the phone. On her way outside, here is the conversation.

Austin: Hello?

Ally: Austin, hey. How's the date going?

Austin: Well, we were just about to kiss when you called.

Ally: (Guilty look) Sorry Austin...(they meet up outside)

Austin looks at the disguised Ally looking at her closely as he realizes it's her. "Ally? What were you doing in there? And why were you dropping stuff on us acting like your a waitress from Poland?"

Ally: I'm sorry Austin, I guess I just got a bit jealous of you and Trish (awkward silence) ....Look I didn't mean to hurt you in any way (Austin staring at her with a confused look) ...I guess I just didn't want you 2 together and I brought Dez to help me look at you guys but he was occupied with some guy and I was just confused because I was... (interrupted by Austin kissing her, they pull apart after about 7 seconds).

Austin: Now I know that was unexpected but... I didn't really like Trish, I was just being nice but we got caught in the heat of the moment. (He grabs her hand) It's you that I like, Ally.

Ally: (smiles) I like you too Austin.

They smile at each other and Austin runs back into the restaurant to talk to Trish.

Trish: Is everything ok?

AUSTITN AND ALLY - Austin: Look Trish, I'm going to be honest with you. Your awesome, and I love you for that, but I'm just being nice.

AUSTIN AND ALLY -Trish: (happy face turns angry) Let me guess. You like Ally, you kissed her so she would shut up and now your trying to let me down.

Austin: I guess that's why your my manager, Smarty Pants. (he playfully punches her and smiles)

AUSTIN AND ALLY -They hug. Trish sits back at the table while Austin goes back to Ally. Dez comes up to Trish. "Hey. You ok, I saw that whole thing." Trish looks up at dez and gives a look. "Forgive and forget right? Besides, it's ok.". Dez stares at Trish, gives a flirty look, and slides into the seat next to her. Dez grabs Trish's hand and squeezes it. Trish thinks "Does he like me or something?" Trish smiles at dez and they hug. They pull apart, and Dez instantly kisses her. Trish fights back at first, but gives up and softens his lips. They song for about 20 seconds, then pull apart. They give each other a smile.

AUSTIN AND ALLY They run out to Austin and Ally and, while holding hands, they smile at the a's. "What are you guys doing?" Austin asks. He looks back up at them to see them kissing passionately. Ally and Austin's mouths drop open. "Hey, if we cant beat them, join them!" he grabs Ally and pulls her close as they kiss.

AUSTIN AND ALLY The next day Austin wakes up and realizes that there is a note on his forehead it says: Be back later breakfast is on the table. Mom. So he goes downstairs and finds his breakfast on the table like his mom said there would be. It was six pancakes topped high with butter on the top and syrup dripping from the sides Austin grabbed a fork and started eating. After he was done eating he got a text from ally saying:"Hey babe you awake :)?". He instantly responded:"Why are you calling me babe:|?".Ally responded:"Silly don't you remember the kiss last night?".Austin responded:"Ally just because we kissed doesn't mean I like you." Ally responded:"YES IT DOES!!! ME AND YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE TOGETHER FOREVER AND EVER AND MAKE AUSTIN MOON BABIES TOGETHER RIGHT RIGHT?!?!?!?". Austin responded:"Whoa Ally take a chill pill I don't like you that way I just kissed you so you would shut up, but the second kiss was for to make you think that I like you.".Ally responded:So i was tricked?". Austin responded:"Yup I don't even like you I like trish I hope I can try to get her back though,but hey don't worry Ally we can still be friends and write songs together K? Sound good:)?.Ally responded:"Yes perfect!:)".Austin responded:"Great thanks I knew you would understand!Text you later!!". Ally knew Austin thought she felt all happy and understanding but that was not true she didn't feel happy inside she felt sad. As soon as she was done texting Austin she put her phone away and sobbed into her pillow and whispering:"How could he trick me like that... THAT LIAR!!" she got so mad she broke her Mirror. It hurt all the broken glass cutting her wrists and fingers... But she didn't care she didn't care about anything in the world except Austin... To Be Continued...


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