“Holidays & Hoedowns”
Season 2, Episode 6
Air Date

July 1, 2012

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Its almost Christmas and Austin wants Trish to book him a big Christmas gig, so Trish does but it turns out to be a Holiday Hoedown. So Ally tries to make a good Holiday Country song for Austin, while Dez comes up with a bunch of goofy ideas for a music video that nobody likes. Also, Ally's cousin Casey comes back from Hawaii and ends up helping Ally get a boyfriend.


  • You find out two of Austin's secrets.
  • Trish gets a job at Aloha Flowers for TWO WHOLE DAYS!!
  • Ally's cousin Casey Dawson is in this episode.
  • Dallas asks Ally out.
  • Ross performs with his real band R5 and Casey.



(Austin and Dez walk into Sonic Boom) Austin comes up to Ally asking where Trish was, then Trish walks in saying she got a new job. Austin asks if she can book him a Christmas gig, she says maybe then leaves. Ally's cousin Casey Dawson comes in, both boys start acting a little weird so Ally asks them to go check the store's stock. Ally asks what Casey is doing there and she anwsers that she came back from Hawaii to see her family and to start a singing career. Austin and Dez come back and ask Casey a bunch of questions to which she anwsers only some.


(Austin is walking with Casey, Ally, Trish and Dez by the pond) Ally see's Dallas working and tries to hide, while Casey walks up to him and is talking to him. Later Ally asks Casey if Dallas likes her and Casey says she doesn't know, then Casey asks if Austin has a girlfriend and Ally says he does.


(Austin and Ally are in the practice room talking) Austin asks Ally about Casey and Ally asks him what he wants to know and he says the facts so she tells him,(Casey, Trish, Dez, and Dallas walk in) and Dallas walks up to Ally and asks her out to which she says yes. (Dallas and Ally walk out hand in hand) Austin asks Casey to watch them, Casey says sure and walks out the door. Dez and Trish asks Austin why he wanted Casey to do that, Austin says because he doesn't want Ally to pick the wrong guy.


(Ally and Dallas are on their date with Casey following them) Ally is asking Dallas what made him ask her, he says he always wanted to ask her but was just to scared to do it. Casey is seen by Dallas and Ally, They ask what she is doing and she says Austin wanted her to watch them. Ally and Dallas finsh up their date with no one watching or following them.


(Ally walks into the practicing room where Austin, Casey and Dez are talking) Ally asks why Austin wanted Casey to watch her and Dallas, (Dez and Casey try to leave the room but Ally stops them) She says that they know something, they say they don't. (Trish walks in) Trish says guess who got Austin a big Christmas gig Austin says that Trish did and he is really happy so happy that he asks a bunch of questions and goes around hugging everyone. (He hugs Ally and Casey twice) Austin asks where it is, Trish says she doesn't know and that they will let her know soon.


(Seven hours before Austin has to preform) Austin is talking to Casey in the practice room while waiting for Ally, Austin asks Casey about Hawaii, she tells him. (Ally walks in) Ally says that her and Austin need to talk. Casey says bye to Austin then leaves. Austin asks Ally why they needed to talk and she says that she just found out something that he won't like, he asks what and she tells him that Trish mistakenly booked you for a Country Christmas party, Austin gets up and starts pacing around the room then he asks what they were doing standing around and that they need to start writing a new song. (Austin and Ally are writing and practicing a new song called "Christmas Spent with You")

I WILL MAKE MORE SOON (Please comment on who should play as Casey. Thank you to Ausllyfanatic84, Luvmaya92 and everyone else who helped me with this episode!! Anyone can help make this episode now) - AustinAllyfan12