Happy Times is a fictional show in Austin & Ally. It was Lester Dawson's childhood favorite TV show. It is a paordy of Happy Days. It was shown in the fanon episode, Happy Times & Happy Dads.


Happy Times was a show that ran from 1969-1987. It followed a 19 year old boy, stil living with his family named, Ryan Clyklee. Along with him were his family members, his mom, Susan Clyklee, his dad, Bucket Clyklee, his older, scholar brother, Renee Clyklee, his teenage sister, Lonna Clyklee, and his younger sister, Johanna Clyklee. It was about Ryan trying to find his way in life and succeed, not being able to afford college, along with his family who is trying to adjust to having a huge household. Living with the family is, Aunt Bonnie, Susan's younger sister, Uncle Freyer, Bucket's older brother, and Mike Lethem, a 24 year old man who had no where else to stay and no where else to go so the Clyklee's took him in.

Soon Happy Times was cancelled. But in 2012, another company decided to pick it back up with a whole new cast. The new show revolves around 16 year old Lucy Welis, played by Titi Gretco, 16 year old Wendell DeBarsney, played by Riley Morre, and their two families. On the Wellis side, Dada Wellis, Lucy's mom, Tom Wellis, Lucy's dad, Jacob Wellis, Lucy's older brother, and Granny Wellis, Lucy's grandma. On the DeBarsney side, Marcey DeBarsney, Wendell's mom, Memcey DeBarsney, Wendell's dad, Chia DeBarsney, Wendell's twin sister, and Ricky DeBarsney, Wendell's 7 year old brother. The show follows the two close families as they move in together, due to low incomes from the families, to reduce the need of money. As the show progresses, Lucy must find a way to deal with living with her crush, Wendell, and Wendel must figure out a way to deal with living with his crush, Lucy. And together, the two families will figure out that maybe living together wasn't much of a good idea after all.


New VersionEdit


  • This show is a parody of Happy Days
  • This was Lester Dawson's favorite childhood show
  • The show takes place in the 1960's
  • In the new version of Happy Times, the Wellises and DeBarsneys knew the Clyklee's because they make many references to them.
  • After being on the show and seeing the first episode, Lester Dawson thought the new Happy Times would fail just like it did in 1986.