“Firsts & Fists”
Season 2, Episode 22
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Firsts & Fists is the 43rd episode overall in the series. It is written by SteelDeath, and features scenes of Dallas/Ally and possible onesided Mindy/Dez.


Ally catches up with Dallas after he moves back to live with his mom and lands her first date with him, which makes Austin jealous, and Trish feel like a third wheel, causing her to interrupt Ally's numerous attempts at a date. Meanwhile, Dez enrolls himself in a fighting course with the toughest girl in Miami when he realizes that a local bully named Erik White has singled him out to be his punching bag.



Austin walks into Sonic Boom, greeted by Ally hitting her head on the wooden countertop.

"Ally? What's up?" Austin says, mildly confused.

"Dallas," she says when she raises her head.

"What's up now, did you puke on him or something?"

"No, it just kills me that we like each other but haven't gone on a date yet."

"You'll get your chance Ally, don't worry." Austin smiles a bit.

"Guess who got a job at Romance Perfumes!"

Ally smiles at Trish. "You?"

"Good guess. Hey, you look-"

"Dallas." Austin interrupts.

"Oh." Trish nods and walks over to Ally. "I thought he moved to Ohio?"

Ally doesn't say anything, just goes back to hitting her head on the countertop, so Austin talks for her. "He came back yesterday."

"Ally." Trish is ignored. "Ally." Ally continues ignoring Trish. "ALLY!" Ally snaps back to reality, falling off of her chair. She gets back up and glares at Trish.

"Oh, wow, you've changed!"

Dallas walks in the door to Sonic Boom. "Hey guys!"

Ally cries out and runs away, up the stairs into the music room and slams the door.

"And Ally's back." Trish says.


Dez walks into the food court. He immediately looks like he's feeling like he's being watched. He turns around and sees local bully, Erik White, staring at him.

Erik turns around to his goons. "He's perfect."

Dez walks over to him. "Is something wrong?"

"Yeah, my fist isn't in your face. That's what's wrong."

Dez laughs. "No, that can't be it, your fist doesn't belong in my face."

"It does now." Erik growls before walking away.

Dez smles and turns around, before his eyes widen in realization.


Dallas knocks on the music room door.

"Ally?" He asks.

"Please leave!"

"I don't think she'll come out."

Dallas ignores Austin.

"Ally, I really like you, but I can't really express that if you're holed up in there."

Ally is nervous about her first date with Dallas.

The door unlocks and swings open.

Ally stares at Dallas. "You weren't kidding just to get me out of here right?"

"Why would I kid about something like this?"

Ally wears a serious face. "I don't know."

Dallas pats her shoulder, "Well, you can know this. I'm willing to go out with you if you want."

Ally smiles. "I'd like that."

Dallas smiles back. "Tomorrow at eight?"


Ally giggles, walks into the music room and slams the door, making Dallas jump. Austin and Trish watch from below, Austin gripping the counter so hard his knuckles are white.

"Austin, you okay?" Trish asks.

Austin immediately pulls his hand away. "What? Yeah, I'm fine."

"If you're not okay, you can tell me."

"Okay, okay. So, I just really like Ally so I guess it might be bothering me a bit." Austin looks at Trish, who's reading a magazine. "Trish, were you even listening?"

"Huh? Oh, sorry, new issue." Trish says. Austin laughs a bit, casts a glance up at Dallas, still confused, and his face goes slack and he grabs his guitar.


Dana Schulz, the go-to-gal for fighting, grabs her backpack. She walks out of the room she was just in. The hallway is empty, and quiet. Dana looks as if she's expecting something to happen. She quickens her pace, turns the corner and throws a kick.

Dez, who had been in the branching hallway is kicked to the floor and screams.

"Don't kill me!"

"Oh, just a weak twerp, probably seeking my help?"

"You must be a psychic!" Dez goes serious. "Can you tell me my future, I've always wanted to have that done."

"Okay, stop being a weirdo or I'll leave an imprint of my hand in your face."

Dez scoots away from her.

"So, can you train me?"

"What's in it for me?"

"You can watch the fight with Erik afterwards."

"Okay, I'll watch you get your butt handed to you on a silver platter. Training arena is a floor down."

"Awesome! Now, about my future...-"

Before he can continue, Dana kicks him out the window. The sound of landing is heard.

"Ow...oh hey, there's the arena!" Dez says.


Trish sits at the counter of Sonic Boom, a large stack of magazines right next to her propped up feet.

Austin walks in.

"Where's Ally?"

Trish points to the door to the music room.

"She's still in there?"

"No, I just pointed there because I felt like it."


"I was being sarcastic! She's up there."

"Thanks for the help." Austin grumbled as he trudged up the stairs.

"Ally, why don't you come on out?" Austin says.

"I'm just fine in here!"

Austin sighs. "Your date with Dallas is in an hour, you should really go home and get ready."

"I can't go out there Austin! I have stage fright yeah, but this fear is even worse! What if he stands me up? What if I clam up while talking like I always do? What if I spill my food on me, everyone would laugh!"

"Ally, everything will be okay, I know it will. Nothing bad will happen."

"You realize that everytime someone says that on TV, something bad does happen right?"