“Family & Flyers”
Season 2, Episode 8
Air Date

July 22, 2012

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Austin is having a Family Reunion and his whole family is telling him he should be a lawyer or doctor instead of a singer because he was the potential and intelligence. Austin he tries to get Ally to help him but she has her own family to deal with. Ally's dad and his sister and brother are constantly fighting and Ally wants to resolve it. Trish has to help Dez plan a good family music video for Austin so he can stay in Maimi.


  • Austin Mahone plays as Jake Moon.
  • Casey gets a boyfriend.
  • Ally starts to have feelings for Austin.
  • Casey, Austin and Ally write the song "Good Times"


Scene 1Edit

*Austin walks in Sonic Boom with Trish and Dez* Casey: Hey Austin, What are you doing here? Austin: So... i cant come? Ally: It's not that it's just that we're not open so please leave. Austin: What do you mean? *Looks to Casey* Casey: What she means is that we have a Family Reunion and we're having it in here. Trish: So what i have to go home to my lame family and spend time with them just because my best friend has a Family Reunion? Ally: Ah, yeah. Dez: Austin has one to. Austin: No I don't. Dez: Yes you do. Austin: How do you know? Ally: Please get out! *Austin, Dez and Trish look at Ally with a weird look* Casey: I'll be right back Ally, Come on guys. *Walks out the door with Austin, Dez and Trish*

Scene 2Edit