Gender Male
Hometown Miami, Florida
Friends and Family
Austin Moon
Ally Dawson
Love interests
Austin Moon(Former Boyfriend)
Other Information
First Appearance
  "Freshmen & Fresh Mint"


Coming Out and Going Out

Portrayed by
Cody Christian

Elliot is a 16 year old teen who was formerly Austin Moon's boyfriend. He broke up with Austin after he found at that Austin fell in love with another girl.

Elliot looks at Austin

Elliot glancing at a nervous Austin

Relationships Edit

Austin MoonEdit

(Former crush, Ex-boyfriend)

  • Austin was Elliot's former crush. They started dating in their freshman year in high school, where Elliot revealed that he was gay and Austin revealed he was bi. They dated for a while, but Austin developed feelings towards Ally Dawson. They broke up after Elliot found out about this, but Austin reassured him that they could still be friends, giving him one last kiss before seeing other people.


  • He is gay
  • He used to love Austin
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