“Dancing & Diaries”
Season 1, Episode 14
Air Date

March 4, 2012

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Dancing & Diaries is the 14th episode of season 1 of Austin & Ally. It'll air on March 4, 2012.


A 15-year old dancing prodigy named Brianna gives Austin valuble chance to shoot a music video. Meanwhile, Ally reads Trish's diary and discovers a secret about her.

Music Edit

"Shake It Up" by Selena Gomez

"TTYLXOX" by Bella Thorne

"Better Together" by Austin Moon (Ross Lynch)


Episode Details Edit

Scene One Edit

Austin: (reading a magazine behind the counter)

Ally: Austin! I have been looking all over for you and Trish and Dez!

Austin: I've been hear the whole time! But I don't know where Trish an-

Trish and Dez: GUYS!!!!

Ally: I think I just found them!

Trish: You guys have to see this!! (runs towards the food court)

Dez: (follows)

Ally: (follows)

Austin: (follows)

(At the food court)

(A big crowd is huddled around in a circle)

Ally: What's going on?

Trish: You'll see.

(The gang goes towards the front)

Austin: Woah!

???: (Dancing)

Austin: (Staring with mouth open)

Ally: (Shocked)

???: (finishes)

(Everybody claps and a few people leave money in her zebra-striped fedora)

???: Thank you so much! (Grabs her hat, sits at a table, and counts her money)

(The gang walk up to her)

Ally: Um, excuse me?

???: (turns around, eyes open wide and has a huge smile and screams)

Theme Song Edit

"When the crowd goes wild,

I bring on the thunder,

Cause you got my back,

And I'm not going under,

Your my point, your my guard, your the perfect chord,

And I see our name together on every billboard!

Heading for the top,

Got it alright,

Scene Two Edit

Dez: I can no longer hear!

???: OMG!!!! It's Austin Moon!

Austin: Yeah. So, surprise!

???: I am such a huge fan! (Puts out her hand) I'm Brianna.

Austin: I'm Austin as you know, and this Ally, Trish, and Dez.

Brianna: Hi guys! (Waves)

Ally, Trish, and Dez: Hey!

Trish: You are an amazing dancer!

Brianna: Aw! Thank you! I'm actually a fifteen-year-old dance prodigy!

Austin: You are unbelievably good though!

Brianna: Thank you!

Ally: Wait a minute! Are you Brianna Houser?

Brianna: Yes, so, surprise!

Ally: (Screams and jumps up and down)

Austin: Who's Brianna Houser?

Ally: She (pointing to Brianna) is a dance prodigy and is signed to Star and Shine Dance Academy and Company! She has performed with Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, and more!

Brianna: She's telling the truth!

Trish: Wait, if you are a dance prodigy signed to a famous dance company in Los Angeles, then what are you doing in Miami?

Brianna: Well, the company send out some dancers to get some students to try out and I was assigned to Miami!

Trish: Oh!

Brianna: Look, I actually have to say something.

Dez: Go ahead!

Brianna: The company only send me down here to find you Austin. I'm too young to look for students, but they knew you were down here, so here I am!

Austin: But why me?

Brianna: They want you to leave Miami, sign on to the company, have a professional group, and you can make your own music videos and get signed to a record deal!

Ally: (shocked)

Trish: (shocked)

Dez: (shocked)

Austin: (shocked)

Brianna: What do you say Austin?

more coming soon!