Cory Knight
Cory Knight is Casey Dawson's friend
Gender Male
Age 16
Height 6'2
Nationality American, lived in Hawaii
Hometown Honolulu, Hawaii
Born 11 January 1996
Professional Information
Friends and Family
Casey Dawson, Austin Moon, Dallas and Dez
Love interests
Casey Dawson
Other Information
Portrayed by
Cody Simpson
Cory looking at Casey while singing his song that he made for her. (Below is the song)

This character is made up by AustinAllyfan12 a.k.a. Marisa


Cory is a kind guy who loves to sing and dance with his friends. He is often seen singing and dancing or flirting with Casey Dawson even though she doesn't notice. He always wants to live life to the fullest and tries to make his friends do the same.


  • Cody Simpson plays as Cory Knight.
  • He is 16.
  • He used to be Casey's crush.
  • He is a really good friend of Casey.
  • He has a crush on Casey.
  • He LOVES to sing and dance for fun.
  • He likes to take life to the fullest.
  • He was best friends with Austin Moon in kindergarten.
  • He went to the same nusery as Dallas.


Austin MoonEdit

Austin and Cory were best buds in kindergarten. When Cory moved from Miami to Hawaii, things changed, Austin and Cory both got new friends and forgot about each other, but it all came back to them after Cory moved back to Miami with Casey.

Casey DawsonEdit

Casey is Cory's new best bud. Cory has had a crush on Casey since he met her, She used to feel the same way until she met Jake Moon, Cory has still felt the same way but just more jealous.


Dallas was in the same nursery as Cory when he was born, Their moms were good friends.


Dez and Cory are just friends, although they spend alot of time trying to come up new videos for both Cory and Austin.