Besties and testies is the first ever disney channel event thats runs for is a lost episode it is unknown which episode number it is.


Trish books austin a concert in san francsico.meanwhile....Zoltan gets tickets for all the students at his boarding school to go to the austin moon concert and china gets super happy.Meanwhile...on austin's tour bus something starts burning so dez grabbed a fire extinguisher and accidentally hits the driver in the head causing the driver to get knocked out and the bus is moving 60 MPH which triggers the rats to try and go rescue them before they go into a large lake which pummels them into the water.


Besties and Testies Intro

Besties and Testies Intro

Note.The Theme for besties and testies is everytime we touch by cash cash.

*Besties and testies also is gonna come in the next upcoming dvd of all the 3 shows.
  • This is the first ever disney affiliated movie that is 3hrs long.
  • The theme song for this episode is chipmunky for technical reasons.


. Ross Lynch .Laura Marano .Raini Rodriguez .Calum Worthy

Billy Unger Spencer Boldman Kelli Berglund Tyrel Jackson Williams Hal Sparks

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