Austin Monica Moon
250px-Austin Moon
Gender Male
Age 15(Season 1)
16(Season 2)
17(Season 3)
18(Season 4)
19(Season 5)

20(season 6)

Hometown Miami, Florida
Professional Information
  Singer, Dancer, Overnight Sensation
Friends and Family
Mimi Moon (mother)
Mike Moon (father)
Ally Dawson (Ex-Girlfriend)
Ally Dawson
Ryan Griffin
Laura Kirkpatrick
Love interests
Ally Dawson(Future Girlfriend)
Elliot (Former)
Kira Starr(Former)

Yvonne Battesby (Former)

Other Information
First Appearance
  "Rockers & Writers"



Portrayed by
Ross Lynch

Austin Monica Moon is a 16 year old teen that wishes to be a star. He stole Ally's song and  he became an overnight sensation.

Elliot looks at Austin

Elliot glancing at a nervous Austin


Ally Dawson

(Crush, Ex-girlfriend, Future Girlfriend)

  • Ally is his songwriter.He and ally are now just friends They officially became a couple in Partners & Parachutes but broke up at the end of Couples & Careers for now as their relationship was getting in the way of their song writing. However, they will get back together in Last Dances & Last Chances, which is the continuation to Proms & Promises.


(Former crush, Ex-boyfriend)

  • Elliot was Austin's former crush. They started dating in their freshman year in high school, where Austin revealed that he was bi and Elliot revealed he was gay. They dated for a while, but Austin developed feelings towards Ally Dawson. They broke up after Elliot found out about this, but Austin reassured him that they could still be friends, giving him one last kiss before seeing other people. Elliot's last appearance was on Coming Out & Going Out.


  • He likes pancakes 
  • He likes animals
  • He loves to colour outside the lines.
  • He has a lot of friends
  • He is bi
  • He likes Ally
  • He used to love Elliot
  • He used to love Kira
  • He loves Ally
  • He loves to sing/performing
  • He has a lot of fans.
  • Ally helps him write songs
  • He was on the Helen Show
  • His best friend is Dez
  • He is part of Team Austin
  • He sleeps with a night light because he is afraid of pillow monsters. ("Beach Bums and Bling")
  • In Singing and Sisters it was revealed he has a younger sister named Maddie Moon.
  • He stars in the new TV Series Life with me & my best friend (Life with me and my best Friend) with Dez and Ally's cousin Brian Dawson
  • His manager is Trish de la Rosa
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