“Accidents & Festivals”
Season 2, Episode 10
Air Date

July 29, 2012

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Frights & Festivals is the 10th episode of Season 2 of the fanon Austin & Ally. In this episode, Trish accidentally books Austin a gig at a funeral instead of a birthday party. Meanwhile, Ally enlists Dez to help her get in a book festival in downtown Miami, but he takes a long time to get there. Also, Trish gets a job at a Hair Salon, but she can't perform her job right.


Trish accidentally books Austin Moon a gig at a funeral instead of a birthday party. Meanwhile, Ally Dawson tries to get in to a book festival, but the guard won't let her in. She enlists Dez to help her complete the requirements to get in, but he takes a long time to drive from the Pillow Factory to the book festival due to traffic on the highway. Trish gets a job at the Hair Salon, but she is bad at cutting hair and ends up making everyone bald.

Songs featured: Accidents Happen

Scene 1Edit

(Austin, Ally, Dez, and Trish are at Sonic Boom) Trish tells everyone that she got a new job at the Hair Salon. Ally struggles because she can't find the time, date, and requirements at a book festival in downtown Miami. Austin helps Ally find the time, date, and requirements successfully. Ally thanks Austin and hugs him, then French kiss each other. Dez says that he found a coupon for free pillows at the Pillow Factory(Trish's old job). Trish gets mad and grabs the coupon from Dez. She exclaimed that she should've not been fired from the job in the first place.

Scene 2Edit

(Austin, Trish, and Ally are at Austin's house) Trish tells Ally and Austin that she booked Austin a gig at a birthday party. Austin hugs Trish. Ally prints up a ticket to the book festival. Austin asks Trish where Dez is. Trish says that Dez is at the Pillow Factory purchasing pillows with his new coupon. (Austin's dog Chew Toy shows up) Ally and Trish ask Austin about the dog. Austin says that the name is Chew Toy, he's new, he likes people, he jumps on people, and he was adopted at the Humane Society of Florida. Trish holds the dog, and Chew Toy licks her and Ally. Ally says that she used to have a dog named Penelope, but she died two years ago. Austin feels Ally's pain and hugs her to make her feel better. Ally smiles and kisses him on the cheek. Austin blushes.

Scene 3Edit

(Ally is at the book festival) A big guard is yelling at a mother that she isn't welcome to the book festival because she didn't meet the requirements. Ally is next in line to enter the book festival. She gives the guard her ticket to get in. The big guard says that Ally can't enter because she needs at least five books to swap during the festival, Ally only has four. Ally says that she accidentally left her fifth book at her house. The big guard says that she has to go get the book or else she can't get in. Ally calls Dez to get her book at her house because the book festival is far away from her house. Dez says that the Pillow Factory is one mile away from the book festival and he has a book in his backpack that he doesn't want. Ally tells Dez that he can bring his unwanted book to the festival so she can get in. Ally hangs up the phone with Dez.

Scene 4Edit

(Trish is on the phone with Ally) Trish tells Ally that the gig she booked Austin, was a gig at a FUNERAL. Ally is disappointed because of this. Trish tells Ally that she can't tell Austin because it'll hurt Austin's feelings. Ally promises to keep it a secret. Trish said that it doesn't have to be a secret, she'll tell Austin because she was the one that set up the gig. Austin approaches Ally at the book festival. Ally screamed because she didn't know Austin was going to the book festival. She asked Austin what he is doing at the book festival. Austin said that he wanted to see her. Ally blushed and smiled. She almost blurts out that the birthday party gig was a funeral gig. Austin didn't know what she said and got confused. Ally said that she didn't know what she just said and kissed him on the cheek. Austin kissed her back.

Scene 5Edit

(Trish and Austin are at Trish's house) Trish tells Austin that the birthday party gig was accidentally a funeral gig. Austin is disappointed. Trish tells him that it was an accident. Austin forgives Trish for the accidental gig. Trish smiles and thanks him. Austin asks Trish if she got fired at her job. Trish says that she didn't get fired. (Trish's phone rings) Trish says that the call was from work. Austin asks Trish if she got fired. Trish answers her phone call. She hangs up and said that she had to go back to work because she took her lunch break three hours ago. Austin smiles and walks out of Trish's house to Sonic Boom.

Scene 6Edit

(Austin and Ally are at the practice room) Ally asked Austin if he found out about the birthday party gig accident. Austin interrupts her and says that he found out, Trish told him. Ally said that she and Austin should just stick to writing the new song for the funeral. Austin says that he wants to dedicate the song to Trish because she accidentally booked the wrong gigs. Ally thinks that the song should be about accidents. Austin agrees with Ally. Ally plays a melody in a minor key. Austin says that the song was played in a minor key, it's sounds sad. Ally says that it has to be played in a minor key. It's a funeral, not a wedding. Austin agrees, but he doesn't agree with playing the song in a minor key. Ally plays the song in a major key. Austin likes it and agrees with the chords. Ally smiles. Austin and Ally kiss each other. Trish and Dez were there, spying on them, unknown to Austin and Ally. They thought that since Austin & Ally like each other, Trish and Dez should start going out. They both said "No." in unison. Trish and Dez go downstairs. Ally hears drums and cymbals breaking. Ally runs out of the practice room. Austin follows her. Ally asked Dez what happened. Dez says that he saw a big man use the door near the drums and cymbals to go inside. The man accidentally bumped and destroyed the drums and cymbals while running inside. Ally understands and opens the door for the man. Ally asked Dez, Trish, and Austin if she should add a "No Running in the store" rule. Dez and Austin disagree, but Trish agrees. Dez and Austin don't want Ally to add another "No Fun" rule. Ally says that she can be fun. Austin and Dez disagree. Ally makes a face at them.

Scene 7Edit

(Ally is at the book festival) Ally is growing impatient because Dez is taking awhile to show up to the book festival. Ally is so desperate that she ends up calling Dez to hurry up before she loses her temper and grows too impatient. Dez says that he's approaching the book festival right now. Ally feels relieved and waits at the pavilion for Dez's car to show up. Dez approaches and gives Ally his unwanted book called "Bear Don't Bite". Ally takes it and waits for two minutes in line. (Three minutes pass by) Ally is still waiting in line and is about to be first. She is now first in line and gives the big guard five books to swap. The big guard finally lets her in. Dez smiles, walks away, and runs to his car to drive away.

Scene 8Edit

(Trish is at the Hair Salon) Trish is trying to find a new hairstyle for all the customers, but results are shaving all the customers' heads and making them bald. Trish shows all the bald customers the mirror. They all scream in unison and they run up to Trish's boss' office to yell at him because it was a rip off paying $20 for a haircut. Trish's boss walks up to the open area and reports all the Hair Salon employees to his office to discuss who shaved everyone's heads. All employees hesitate for two seconds, then they point to Trish. Trish hesistated longer than the other employees and points to a big, hairy guy on the left of her. Trish's boss fires Trish for shaving everyone's heads. Trish leaves and finds a new job.

Scene 9Edit

(Austin, Ally, Trish, and Dez are at the funeral) Trish tells everyone about her new job at Nail Tech. Ally asks Trish what Nail Tech is. Trish says that Nail Tech is a salon where employees paint your nails in any color. Dez sees that Trish painted her nails green, but their blue. Ally corrects Dez that Trish's nail color is blue, not green. Dez pouts. Austin goes up on stage and sings Ally's new song, "Accidents Happen", for 1 minute and twenty seconds. He dedicates the song to Ally and Trish. Ally - because she wrote the song. Trish - because she was supposed to book him a gig at a birthday party, but it was mistakenly a funeral gig. Ally and Trish smile. Dez sees a hot girl in a purple dress. He hits on her and the girl, Nancy, says that she has a boyfriend named Stewart. Dez pouts again and walks back up to Ally and Trish. Ally spotted Nancy. She said that Nancy is her favorite TV actress. Her full name is Nancy Wilkinson. Nancy is from "Stars Up in the Sky, Crying Tears of Joy", a TV show that aired on XYZ Family. Trish said that "Stars Up in the Sky, Crying Tears of Joy" was canceled last year due to low ratings, but more viewers came after the writers put more romance in the episodes. Ally twitts that she saw Nancy Wilkinson from "Stars Up in the Sky, Crying Tears of Joy" on XYZ Family. Ally gained 14 followers because they were fans of Nancy Wilkinson AND "Stars Up in the Sky, Crying Tears of Joy", and she was at the funeral. Ally approached Nancy and asked her what she was doing at the funeral and who the funeral was for. Nancy says that her co-star Jimmy Young's father died because he fell off a 19-floor building while filming a stunt for the movie, "Shake That Booty", and literally cracked his head open. Ally feels sorry for Nancy's co-star. Nancy says that Jimmy will get over it after they film 5 episodes of "Stars Up in the Sky, Crying Tears of Joy". Ally asks Nancy if she could see the tapings with Trish. Nancy lets them see the tapings. Ally and Trish smile, and the episode ends. Hope everyone liked the episode!


  • Selena Gomez plays Nancy.
  • This is the first episode that Austin and Ally kiss each other multiple times. This shows that Austin and Ally are planning to be boyfriend and girlfriend some day.
  • This is the first episode that Ausllyfanatic84 wrote that has 6 settings/locations.
  • XYZ Family is a parody of ABC Family.