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March 24, 2012


A High School Rockstar

A High School Rockstar is is an original series. It is adapted from the Disney hit Tv show, Austin & Ally.


Set in Miami, The story follows the lives of the best friends Austin, Ally, Trish, Dez together with the new introduced characters Aaron, Austin's brother and Lexi, Aaron's girlfriend as they live their lives in High School while struggling to fulfill their dreams of being famous and making Austin a rockstar.


Season 1Edit

Season 1 premiered on March 24, 2012 and is scheduled to conclude this August 25, 2012. It consists of 21 episodes.
The episodes are arranged in chronological order.

These episodes have unknown air dates and episode number.


Producers of the series will be releasing a film on June 30, 2012. It is titled, A High School Rockstar The Movie. After being invited by owners of a company called ThinkIt INC. overseas, the group head out to Paris. They have exactly 5 days, 6 Hours and 30 minutes till they are needed. So Austin, Ally, Trish, Dez, Lexi and Aaron goes around Paris with their newfound friend and son of the owners Tyler for the first time. Without any maps or GPS and with no one who can understand or speak french, the group gets lost and couldn't find their way. This meeting is very important, especially to Ally as they might lose their store in the mall. This unfortunate events tests their friendships. What will happen to them? Will Ally bring good news or bad news to her father?

Season 2Edit

On April 9, 2012, AustinAndAllyWiki Productions and the producer of the series A High School Rockstar has announced the renewal of the series for a second season. Production will start this summer and the dates for the premiere is still unknown. But the producers tweet says it would be this coming fall. The main cast has been confirmed by the producers. The six main cast, Ross Lynch, Laura Marano, Raini Rodriguez, Calum Worthy, Stefanie Scott and Spencer Boldman will still star the second season. The producers also confirmed the rumors that has been circulating. Jack Griffo is going to be part of the main cast next season. Producer AustinAndAllyWiki has said that "His character will be fully revealed and developed in the last few episodes of A High School Rockstar Season 1". Production will start sooner than expected as Season 1 production concludes.

Season 2 should be expected to premiere somewhere on September.